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Human Resource Services

Who Do I Contact?

Who do I contact for matters relating to…

HRS Coordinator- Faculty Joanna Tsatoumas (Replacement)
Interpretation of Collective Agreement
Faculty Postings and Recruitment
HR Representation on Faculty Selection Committees & CRT
Hiring Priorities and Seniority
Professional Development & Training
HRS Administration Technician – Faculty Claudia Ménard (Replacement)
Faculty Contracts
Evaluation of Schooling and Experience for Faculty
Leave of Absence Requests (Sabbaticals, Workload Reduction, Personal leave, PD)
Seniority and Hiring Priorities inquiries
Parental leaves (maternity/paternity and adoption leaves) for faculty members only
HRS Administrative Support Agent – Faculty Nancy Padulo (Replacement)
Scheduling selection committee interviews/testing for Faculty
General inquiries on faculty posting(s), recruitment and selection
Attestation Letters of Employment
Continuing Education contracts
Opening of employee files for new teachers
General Offer of Service
HRS Coordinator – Benefits and Non-Teaching staff Jacinthe St-Hilaire
Interpretation of Collective Agreement & CRT
HR Recruitment and Selection Processes for non-teaching staff
Benefits, Retirement/Pension plan, Administration and Application
Professional Development & Training
HRS Administration Technician – Benefits Jadranka Radman
Sick leaves, Disability, CSST & SAAQ claims
Retirement and pre-Retirement programs, Buy-backs (Retraite Quebec)
Parental rights (maternity/paternity and adoption leaves) for
non-faculty members only
HRS Administration Technician – Non-Teaching Personnel Dianna Monte
Contracts for non-teaching employees, seniority (Support/Professionals)
Evaluation of schooling and experience (Support/Professionals)
Leave of absences requests (Sabbaticals, unpaid leave of absence, workload reduction)
Seasonal lay-off (Support staff)
Vacation planners
Professional Development
HRS Administrative Support Agent Vacant (temporary)
Absence reports, vacation banks, Overtime, status of employee banks (non-teaching personnel)
Time management
Service contracts
Teacher Substitution forms
Teacher Absences (Reporting)
HRS Administrative Secretary Melissa Charles – On Leave
Replaced by Stephanie Too
Scheduling selection committees interview
General inquiries on posting(s), recruitment and selection
Attestation letter(s)/ Confirmation of employment letters
Testing of candidates for non-teaching personnel
Office of the Director of Human Resource Services Angie Alberico
Administrative office inquiries
Management Personnel dossiers
Employee Assistance Program
CRT Labour Relations committee meetings, grievances dossiers, syndical releases
HRS Budget inquiries
Employment verification requests
HRS Web updates and HRS employee user accesses
Director of Human Resource Services Andrew Mackay
Organizational Development
Human Resource planning
Management of selection processes & Working conditions
Labour Relations & Labour Relation Committees