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Human Resource Services


Please note that the Human Resource Services is divided between Faculty “employees” and “Benefits and Non-Teaching employees” subdivisions. Please consult the list below to identify the resource person to contact for your enquiries .

Staffing Enquiries

If you have applied or want to apply to a position at Vanier College, or are a manager or member of a selection committee and have staffing related questions, please contact:

Staff Members Contact Information
Melissa Charles
HRS Administrative Secretary
514.744.7200 or 514.744.7500 local 7940
Stephanie Too
HRS Administrative Support Agent
514.744.7200 or 514.744.7500 local 7066
Nancy Padulo
HRS Administrative Support Agent-Faculty
514.744.7500 local 7207

Human Resources (Working Conditions) Enquiries

For questions related to contracts and work conditions (benefits, leaves, retirement, etc.), please contact the resource person.

Please note that all medical notes and health-related forms are to be addressed to the Technician for Benefits – Jadranka Radman. She will be the one to advise your manager of your unit of the dates of your absence only. Medical information and health-related forms will remain confidential at all times.

Staff Members Contact Information
Claudia Menard (Replacement)
Technician Faculty employees
514.744.7500 local 7206
Dianna Monte
Technician for Non-Teaching employees
 514.744.7500 local 8286
Jadranka Radman
Technician for Benefits
514.744.7500 local 7208


General Human Resources Contact Information

By Mail: Vanier College
Human Resource Services
821 avenue Ste-Croix
Montréal, QC
H4L 3X9
By Telephone: 514.744.7200 or 1.855.744.7500 (Toll-Free)
By Fax: 514.744.7064


For questions that cannot be answered by support staff, please contact one of the following managers:

Staff Members Contact Information
Joanna Tsatoumas  (Replacement)
Coordinator, Faculty
(Includes Professional Development & Training)
514.744.7500 local 7204
Andrea Di Domenico
Coordinator, Faculty
(Includes Professional Development & Training)
On Leave
Jacinthe St-Hilaire
Coordinator, Benefits and Non-Teaching Personnel
514.744.7500 local 7203
Angie Alberico
Administrative Assistant to the Director
(Labour relations, CRT, grievances, Syndical releases)
514.744.7500 local 7202
Mr. Andrew J. Mackay
Director, Human Resource Services
514.744.7500 local 7201 dhrs@vaniercollege.qc.ca

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