In all programs of College studies, two French courses are required.

French “A”

French “A” aims at improving general skills in French: oral comprehension, oral expression, reading comprehension, and written expression with an emphasis on the last two.

French “B”

French “B” maintains the same general objectives while being more specifically oriented towards the particular programs or areas of studies of each student. The student’s program grid shows in which semesters each of the two French courses must be taken. It is extremely important for each student to follow this recommendation. Not all “B” courses are offered every semester. Missing a course that has been scheduled at a specific semester will mean, for students in certain programmes, having to wait for an extra semester to be able to take this course. If in doubt, one should consult an Academic Advisor.
Placement Test FAQ PDF Newly admitted students who receive an invitation to take the French Placement test must show up at their given appointment. To ensure that students are registered in the appropriate French course:
  • Some newly admitted students are required to write a French Placement Test.
  • According to his/her placement test results, each student is then assigned one of the “A” courses (see below). Proper placement is imperative. Students must follow the classification that they receive from the College which is based on their test results. Students registering in the wrong course will be asked to transfer into the right one. Students must be aware that, after the beginning of the semester, such transfers are difficult, usually impossible.

General Information

  • The test will take 1 hour.
  • Dictionaries or other resource materials are not allowed.
  • Please know your student number and the program you will be studying. (See the invitation.)
  • You do not have to study for the test.

There are four sections to the French test

  • The first section is for general information concerning the student.
  • The remaining sections test language competencies: grammar skills, reading skills and writing skills.

You are not required to write the Vanier French Placement test if:

  • You have successfully completed a 602-French course at Vanier College or at another Cegep.
  • You did not receive a letter, or message in Omnivox, asking you to attend a French testing session as part of your admission to Vanier College.
  • You have previously written the French Placement Test at Vanier College within the last three years.
Students can find their French level results by logging into Omnivox and clicking on “Progression Chart”. If you cannot attend the French Placement testing as scheduled or have any questions regarding this test, please contact us at

Centre de langue écrite et orale

Open from 9 am to 5 pm five days a week, this centre, located in room C-409, provides students with individualized help in written and oral French, computerized grammar exercises and practice in pronunciation and conversation. In addition, advanced and francophone students are available to tutor their peers in French. Professors and Monitors are also available for help on an every day basis. To contact CLÉO: 514.744.7500 local 7733 Coordinator: Fadia Toumaki Room: K313 Phone: 514.744.7500 local 7844

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