The Explorations / Pathways: Springboards to a DCS programs at Vanier College have been helping students succeed in their college studies for over 15 years. There are transitional sessions for college students whose preparation for certain CEGEP programs may not be complete and, there are integrative sessions for high school graduates who require additional support in order to ease the transition to CEGEP and to maximize their chances of success.
The 3 different Explorations profiles, Passages, Prerequisites & Transition, are designed to provide students with the skills needed to succeed in their studies at CEGEP and beyond. Each profile is carefully developed to meet a specific student need. The course load is a combination of program, general studies and, depending on the chosen profile, prerequisite and study-skills courses.
Midway through their semester, students have the opportunity to request a change to a regular Diploma Program at Vanier College through the college's Program Change procedure.

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