201-316-VA – Business Data Analysis 383-201-VA – Business Economics 383-301-VA – Business Economics 410-110-VA Introduction to Business for Insurance and Financial Services 410-111-VA – Accounting I 410-121-VA – Introduction to Business 410-122-VA – Introduction to Business 410-131-VA – Business Computer Applications I 410-132-VA – Business Computer Applications I 410-141-VA – Business Information and Research 410-211-VA – Accounting II 410-212-VA Accounting for Insurance and Financial Services 410-222-VA – Marketing 410-232-VA – Business Computer Applications II 410-241-VA – Business Law 410-242-VA Ethics and Professional Practice 410-300-VA Motor Vehicle Insurance for Individuals and Businesses 410-322-VA – HR Management & Supervision 410-342-VA – Leadership & Team Management 410-361-VA – Personal Financial Planning 410-371-VA – E-Commerce & Direct Marketing 410-402-VA Finance 410-406-VA Personal Damage Insurance and Prevention Standards for Buildings 410-407-VA Accident and Sickness Insurance 410-409-VA Relationship Selling and Customer Service Excellence 410-421-VA – Intermediate Accounting 410-427-VA – Consumer Behavior 410-438-VA – Integrated Marketing Communications 410-442-VA – Management 410-451-VA – Finance 410-457-VA – Marketing Research 410-461-VA – Logistics 410-467-VA – Retailing 410-510-VA Commercial Damage Insurance: Direct, Indirect and Complementary Products 410-511-VA – Accounting by Computers 1 410-512-VA Life Insurance: Individual and Group 410-513-VA Financial Planning: Segregated Funds and Annuities 410-531-VA – Taxation 410-537-VA – Management 410-542-VA – Negotiations 410-552-VA – Entrepreneurship 410-557-VA – Entrepreneurship 410-561-VA – International Business 410-567-VA – Sales Management & Customer Service 410-571-VA – Cost Accounting 410-577-VA – Advanced Topics in Marketing 410-610-VA Customer Service and Selling of Damage Insurance and Home Products 410-611-VA – Accounting by Computers 2 410-611-VA – International Marketing 410-612-VA Underwriting and Risk Management 410-613-VA Starting Your Insurance or Financial Services Business 410-614-VA Commercial Damage Insurance: Liability 410-615-VA Advanced Topics in Financial Planning 410-616-VA Claims Adjustment: Motor Vehicle, Personal and Commercial Property 410-618-VA Stage and Integration into the Workforce 410-621-VA – Accounting by Computers 1 410-621-VA – Introduction to Auditing 410-631-VA – Negotiations 410-631-VA – Project Management 410-642-VA – Marketing Project 410-642-VA – Selling & Customer Service 410-642-VA – Stage & Integration into the Workforce 420-662-VA – Management Information Systems 602-672-VA – Communications d’affaires

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