The Vanier College Business Administration Department has been hosting and organizing the annual Vanier College Case Challenge, an inter-collegial marketing case competition involving colleges from across the country since 2006. This competition offers community college and cegep level Business Administration students a singular opportunity to apply what they learn in the classroom to a true to life business experience.

Case challenges are pressure-cooker events which give students a taste for real world business problems. Teams made up of three students have three hours to analyze a business problem and create a viable marketing plan, then make a twenty-minute Power Point presentation on their marketing strategy in front of a panel of judges and peers and invited guests

The Vanier College Case Challenge has been such a resounding success in that it has grown from a local event into a national one, building lasting networks and friendships for coaches, sponsors and participants. Moreover, the Vanier College Case Challenge is considered to be a model of its kind.

There is a $250 registration fee to participate in the Vanier College Case Challenge. The other costs incurred by the participating colleges are transportation and hotel accommodation for their team and coaches. All other costs are underwritten by the Case Challenge. For several years our principal sponsor, BDC, has contributed a large portion of the budget required and hence the competition name is: Vanier College BDC Case Challenge.

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