Vanier College sponsors a wide range of intercollegiate teams that provide high-calibre competition for skilled athletes. The Cheetahs represent Vanier College in the following ten varsity sports:

  • Division 1 Men’s Basketball
  • Division 1 Women’s Basketball
  • Division 1 Men’s Football
  • Division 1 Men’s Soccer
  • Division 2 Men’s Basketball
  • Division 2 Women’s Soccer
  • Men’s Rugby
  • Women’s Rugby
  • Women’s Flag Football
  • Division 2 Women’s Volleyball

Our professional coaching staff for all teams ensures that athletes benefit from sound training techniques, services and facilities. Through a demanding schedule of practices, league play, exhibition games and tournaments, our athletes will be provided with many opportunities to develop and improve their skills. Mixed volleyball is being offered to our students who would like to play more competitively than intramurals but without the commitment that it takes to participate on an intercollegiate team. The team will participate in a fourteen college league that sees them competing in day-long tournaments about every third Sunday.

The Annual Banquet Event

The Annual Banquet Event, hosted by the Athletics Department, honours those athletes, coaches and teams deserving of special recognition. It’s also a fun time for athletes to celebrate one more time with their team mates. The banquet ticket is being sponsored by the Vanier College Student Association. This program strives to improve the academic performance of our first year student athletes. Academic Coaches will meet with athletes on an individual and/or small group basis to help them more successfully make the transition from high school to CEGEP. At Vanier we believe that sports and academic success are a winning combination! Get more info in G134. Also, we invite you to see photos from our latest annual Athletics Awards Banquet from 2009-2010.

The Academic Achievement award, presented on an annual basis, recognizes all student athletes who have achieved an academic average of 80% or more in one or more semesters.


Our Athletics Department offers students an intramural program designed to promote friendly competition and an opportunity to participate in campus activities. Intramural participants will get a chance to play their favourite sport(s), learn some new skills, and make new friends. Intramural are for everyone, whether you’re a good athlete or just learning how to play the game. (All activities are co-educational)

Sports offered include Floor Hockey, Badminton, Volleyball, Indoor Soccer, Basketball, Touch Football, Softball and the following special events: Shinny Hockey, Racquetball, Ping Pong, Golf.

You must be a full-time day student or staff member, with a valid I.D. to register for any intramural activity. Your team must be listed on the Intramural Entry sheet and all teams must pay a Performance Bond ( may vary by sport) when they register. The Performance Bond will be reimbursed providing your team does not forfeit any games. Extra players can be added to your team’s list but must play at least two (2) league games to qualify for the playoffs.

All league schedules will be posted on the Intramural Board (outside G-134). Also, all league standings, updates, schedule changes and special events will be posted on this board.

Special competitions such as the McGill Festival (early April) are scheduled throughout the year which provide an opportunity for students to compete against other colleges. These tournaments are usually scheduled as a full day or weekend activity. To be eligible to compete in these activities you must: a) Not be an intercollegiate athlete (in competing sport) b) Share the cost of registration with your team.

Equipment (balls, pinnies) will be provided for your intramural sport by the Equipment Room (G-140). Please respect this privilege by taking good care of this equipment.For equipment loan and/or rental you must present a valid I.D. card. Each player must provide their own personal clothing and equipment.

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