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Academic Advising

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You should see an advisor to find out:

  • how to go about changing programs
  • how to get help choosing your complementary courses
  • more about the Comprehensive Assessment
  • whether you should reduce your course load
  • how to plan your course selection for the next semester
  • which courses previously taken will count in your new program
  • the difference between a discipline and a complementary course
  • how to get help if you are having difficulty in a course
  • whether to drop a course and find out how that will affect you in the long run
  • more about the English Exit Examination
  • whether you are taking the right courses to graduate
  • more about the R score
  • how to apply to university
  • more about co-op programs at university
  • the difference between Honours and Majors programs at university
  • whether your marks are good enough to get into university
  • more about what it takes to get into medicine or law
  • the prerequisites for engineering at university
  • what an undergraduate degree is