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There is no paper form of the application. Students apply to Vanier College online through SRAM. Application admissions guides are available through high school guidance counsellors or online at SRAM.

SRAM acts as a clearinghouse for applications to Vanier College. Processed applications are forwarded to the college for evaluation. Vanier College conducts 3 evaluation periods or “rounds” for the Autumn semester and 2 for Winter admission. Decisions for 1st round applicants to the Autumn semester are mailed late March or early April, and in late November for Winter admission. For more information, visit SRAM.

You may check the status of your application by going to http://sram.omnivox.ca and following the prompts.

You can still apply but you will be considered for the next round. Round 2 is the third week of April and the third round is the end of May. The vast majority of spaces are filled on the first round.

If it’s one or two days after the deadline, send it to SRAM by scanning/uploading.

Yes! They are part of the overall/prerequisite average, diploma requirements and contain essential information about your academic performance in courses such as English, Math and Science.

When your profile is sent by SRAM to the College, it has only the summary marks, not the individual terms. This is true for all three rounds so if you have improved in the second or third term we will only see the new summary.

Your Ministry results and your current Sec. 5 results are generated on one sheet which is then sent by SRAM to the CEGEP. SRAM produces a weighted score called CFS which is linked to your program choice and affects your rank amongst all the applicants for that program. We use that score when making admission decisions. We also consider your straight academic average, referred to as MGS (Sec 4 & 5), as well as individual marks, in the evaluation/decision process.

We will not be testing your English, however it is important that you can read, write and speak fluently to succeed in an English College.

All decisions for Round 1 have to be made in March. If you are accepted you will receive your letter from the College no later than mid-April. SRAM posts all answers (both admission and refusals) on your online file.Decisions for Round 2 are in early May and for Round 3 in mid-June. Spaces are very limited in the 2nd and 3rd Rounds.
Please keep in mind that we are unable to give decisions over the phone.

There may be one or more reasons for refusing you (SRAM will not be specific). For example:
your CFS and/or your overall average is too low; your prerequisites are weak or missing ; you did not do well enough on the English admissions test; you are failing French or Français; you failed or are failing other essential courses i.e. you are at risk in achieving your Diploma; depending on your program choice, you did not compete well in the audition or interview; the number of spaces in your program choice did not allow us to accept all qualified applicants; your program choice is inappropriate (ei. you have already attempted the prerequisites and so do not qualify for Explorations). There is a period after each Round when you can call the Admissions Office to discuss your application. We are also available before you apply!

Pay by the deadline!  We have to cancel those who don’t. If you choose not to register at Vanier, you will get a partial refund. However, since it is not fair to others, we urge you not to hold two places.

Explorations – Passages (081.06 PR1) is a probationary one semester program for about 25 students who have an overall average slightly weaker than expected for a DCS program and would benefit from additional help at the College. It does not permit taking prerequisites such as Math. If successful, this student can transfer to Transition in the second semester to take prerequisites.
Explorations -Prerequisites (081.06 PR2) is for students needing (and never having taken) specific prerequisites for technology or a Science program: either Sec. 4 Math and enriched Science or Sec. 5 TS/SN Math, Chemistry and/or Physics. These students must have good marks in the Math and Science they do have and be otherwise competitive for the intended program. If successful in Sec. 4 equivalent courses, a request to remain in Explorations (ie transfer to Transition 081.06) to take further prerequisites may be made.

No!  You can ask for Math in Social Science, a science “hors programme” at late registration, or take the course(s) through adult education.

Sometimes a competitive (strong) student can be accepted on condition that the missing course is successfully completed in the summer. This is particularly true for some technologies. You need to indicate to us in your application or by e-mail that you definitely intend to take the course either at the College or through a high school. Note that if you do not take the course, there may not be space in August in Explorations if you qualify for that Program.

If one of your Math, Physics or Chemistry marks is no less than 73% and your Sec. 4 marks in Math and Science are stronger, you may apply but with the understanding that final placement is done in July.  If two or all three of the prerequisites are weak, it is a good idea to choose another program.

N.B. Almost all Round 1 applicants had minimally 80% in each prerequisites.

It is recommended that you apply for Social Science with Math. If you are accepted to Commerce but your Math in July is lower than expected, you may be transferred to Social Science with Math or, if you fail Math 506, to Social Science.

You can ask for a program change by November 1st. The form will be online and the decision is usually made in January once the Fall results are evaluated. The Sec. 5 results are also considered for the new program. Explorations students must submit a transfer request. Most technology programs are not open in the Winter.

You may call the Admissions Office before the Round 2 deadline to ask what is best for you.

When we review your final Sec. 5 Relevé, we will make program changes or revoke admission if necessary. For programs where there are no prerequisites, we will not usually alter the program even if some marks are lower than when you were accepted. Technology students failing a prerequisite would be offered Social Science or another Arts program. If you are revoked but then succeed through supplemental exams or a summer course in time to register (mid-August), you may be reinstated in your program or offered another if space permits.

Registration (course selection) is online and can be done anywhere. Since school starts the third week of August, it is always recommended that students be in town by the second week of August.

Vanier’s 3-year technology programs in Building Systems Engineering Technology (BSET) 221.C0, Computer Science Technology 420.B0 & Industrial Electronics  243.C0 are available in the Winter Semester.

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