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Language Placement

Admissions Proficiency in English Test

Vanier College wants you to be successful in your studies. As part of the application evaluation process, students whose first language or language of instruction is not English may be required to write an English proficiency test to demonstrate adequate English skills for Cégep courses.

  • You will be contacted regarding the test date and the time either by telephone or in writing.

         Please Note:  An oral component to the test is also required for Nursing and Respiratory and Anaesthesia Technology applicants.

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English Placement Test

As part of the general education component of a Cegep diploma, students are required to take 4 English courses and pass an English Exit Examination to meet graduation requirements.

  • All newly admitted students are required to write an English Placement test  to ensure that students are registered in the appropriate introductory English course.
  • Students who have successfully completed an introductory English course in another Cegep are not required to write the Placement test.

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French Placement Test

Students must take two French courses as part of their Cégep diploma requirements.

  • You will be advised as to whether you are required to take a French Placement test or if you will be placed in your first French course based on criteria set by the French Department.
  • Students who have successfully completed their first French course in another Cégep are not required to write the Placement test.

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