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It is essential that students submit all required documents as per SRAM’s on-line instructions. Therefore, follow the prompts carefully and submit any required documents by the deadline shown on the final page of the application entitled “Confirmation of Application.”

Since the applications are done online, incomplete applications may not be sent to the designated CEGEP of your choice. You must submit to SRAM all requested documents (most Quebec born students will not need to submit any documents, only pay the application fee). Students may receive automated phone call reminders for documents, if they opted for that option while filling their application.

 Applicants applying from outside Canada must submit documents that have been officially translated to English or French. (Refer to our International Students page for detailed information.)

To send documents to SRAM:

Service régional d’admission du montréal métropolitain
5701 avenue Christophe-Colomb
Montréal, QC H2S 2E9