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- 1967-68
With the Bill 21, Québec establishes the public CEGEP system (collège d’enseignement general et professionnel) consisting of 12 Franophone cégeps

- 1968-69
Twenty-three additional cégeps are opened.

- 1969-70
The Fédération des Cégeps is founded “to promote education at the college level, and more specifically in the general and vocational colleges known as CEGEPs, the Fédération des cégeps is a voluntary umbrella organization of the 48 public CEGEPs in Québec.”

Dawson College is opened becoming the first English language cégep in Québec.

The Quebec Ministry of Education approves the formation of a second English language CEGEP.

- 1970-71
The new CEGEP is named Vanier College in honour of Georges Vanier, Canada’s second native-born Governor General.

Order-in-Council number 758 creates the Letters Patent issued to Vanier College on February 24, 1970.

First meeting of the Board of Directors held on March 2, 1970.

General Council ratifies the College’s organizational structure

Vanier College acquires the property of its present campus (excluding the Sports Complex, and the H & N buildings).

Vanier College opens its doors for the first day of classes on September 8, 1970 receiving close to 1500 students. Robert Little is appointed as the first Director General; Michal Harper is appointed as the first Academic Dean.

The first two faculty deans are appointed by the Director General, one for General Arts and the other for Sciences and Technologies.

The Library opens its doors to students and staff on November 2, 1970.

The Public Relations office prepares numerous internal publications, including: a Staff Handbook, a daily bulletin entitled “Vanier Today” (2000 copies distributed internally), a bi-monthly newsletter entitled “Vanier View” (2000 copies distributed internally as well as to other cégeps, high schools and various press outlets), and the Vanier College Calendar (8000 copies).

- 1971-72
John Abbott College is opened making it the third English language Cégep in Québec

Paul Milan Frydl is recorded as Vanier College’s first graduate in the Fall semester of 1971.

The Vanier College Football Cheetah’s win their first of seven Bol d’Or Provincial Championship

The Quebec-Canada Studies program is founded at Vanier College

The Learning Center opens its doors in the Fall of 1972 providing students with the support necessary for all areas of student achievement, as well as promoting and recognizing success.

Creative Arts (consisting of Cinema & Photography, Drama, Fine Arts, and Music) gains departmental status/.

The A.V. Department and Library are fused under the new banner of Media Resources Center

The Bookstore is opened

A staff insurance plan is established

Admissions plans to adopt a Color and Numeric as per code with regard to its filing system and replace the hanging file cabinets with drawer cabinets to facilitate “the mobility an Admission system demands”

With the cancellation of the collegial programs at Loyola, McGill and Sir George Williams, the Admissions Department plans to establish a policy related to “Mature Students”

The office of Student Services is established consisting of the following administrative units: The Management of Student Services; Athletics; Health Services; Counselling; Reading Workshop; Placement/Financial Aid; and Animation. Student Services also handles a number of additional services, including: transportation; accomdation; the day care center; legal aid, and the producing the Student Handbook.

- 1972-73
Vanier College institutes the Continuing Education Department offering programs and services to non-day students.

The Vanier College Track & Field team win the first of three successive Provincial Championships.

The Vanier College Swim team captures the first of their three Provincial titles (also in 1982, 1983).

The Data Processing Department becomes an independent unit

Data Processing equipment is upgraded from the ‘Data 100’ terminal to a ‘Model 78’. An ‘OPSCAN’ optical scanner is also acquired. Administrative Services staff increases from 1 to 24 in little over two years since its inception. Total College staff increases to 400 from 10 since the College’s opening.

The Library acquires the ‘Xerox College Library Book Collection’

- 1973-74
To accommodate an influx of students, Vanier College leases a building on Decarie Boulevard near Queen Mary road to serve as its second campus, called the ‘Snowdon Campus’.

James Shanahan is appointed Director General.

- 1974-75
Vanier College acquires another parcel of land rounding off the property including the H building.

Sarah Paltiel is appointed Academic Dean.

The Vanier College Football Cheetah’s win the Bol d’Or Provincial Championship

- 1975-76
Maurice A. Scarpaleggia is appointed Director General.

The Women’s Studies program is founded at Vanier College

The Physics Arcade is installed consisting of 13 exhibits and over 20 displays demonstrating the basic principles of physics

- 1976-77
On October 26, the Board of Directors approves a set of general guidelines within which the College would operate and serve as the basis for its current Mission Statement.

- 1977-78
Construction of the Sports Complex is undertaken on June 15.

- 1978-79
The Sports Complex is inaugurated on November 18

The Vanier College Teachers’ Association (V.C.T.A.) is formed to represent the College faculty. Roger Brassard is its first president

The Vanier College Football Cheetah’s win the Bol d’Or Provincial Championship

The Vanier College Tennis team win the first of three Provincial titles (also in 1981 and 1984)

- 1979-80
Jean-Louis Hérivault is appointed Academic Dean

The Children’s Literature Conferences: The weekend conferences began in 1980, with the well-known author and storyteller Joan Bodger coming to Vanier to talk about Story as an Acceptance of Life. Subsequently, Martin Hallett and Barabara Karasek of the English Dept. organized eight more conferences (the last in 1999) each building on the success of those that went before, with such luminaries in the field of children’s literature as Michael Rosen, Marie-Louise Gay, Stephane Poulin, Roch Carrier, Geoff Fox and Philip Pullman coming to present not only to Vanier teachers and students, but also to McGill, John Abbott and Dawson students in what became a multi-institution endeavour. And the organizing committee never experienced much difficulty in finding local speakers – storytellers, artists, film-makers, writers – to explore the many and diverse aspects of the world of children’s culture.

- 1980-81
The Research and Development Committee is established to support research and development projects designed to enhance the quality of education at Vanier College.

“In response to market need and student demand,” the Electrotechnology Department introduces a new course entitled “Microprocessors.”

The Ministry of Education’s scheduling program, THESEE, is used for the first time, in preference to a private scheduling firm.

Core (Humanities and English) course are preregistered for the first time.

In an effort to better serve the Montreal business community, the Vanier Seminar Center is established to provide facilities, and management and business training in line with recognized needs.

Foreshadowing the environmentally-conscious Green movement of the millennium, steps are taken to drastically reduce consumption of steam in the summer by converting the steam heat system for delivering hot water to electric heat.

The Data Processing Department implements several new systems including a new financial commitment system, the automation of cheque requisition for accounting, a more elaborate scheduling procedure, and the acquisition of a microcomputer for administrative use.

The Personnel Department established the Employee Fitness Program and launched the Vanier Sabbatical Leave Plan.

- 1981-82
The Vanier College Women’s Soccer team win the first of their back-to-back Provincial Championships

The English Department develops the “Introduction to Literature” course to address the literacy needs of incoming students.

A percussion ensemble from the Music Department wins first place in the Regional Finals of the Canadian Competition sponsored by the Canada Council.

The Physics Department introduces a remedial course, Physics 111x/101x, to assist students inadequately prepared for College-level Physics.

The Computer Science Department acquires 23 Northstar-Advantage microcomputers.

The Business Administration Resource Centre is established.

The expansion of the laboratory facilities in the Building Systems Engineering Department enables hydraulics laboratory experiments.

The Secretarial Science Department plans on introducing a Word Processing component to its third-year curriculum.

The Special Care Counselling Department marks International Year of the Handicapped by sponsoring various community oriented activities, including a special student project designed to recommend measures to be taken in improving access to College facilities by the disabled.

Students are able to register for their choice of core subjects (i.e. English, Humanities, and Physical Education) for the first time.

Online computerized pre-registration is initiated for the Ste. Croix campus in the Fall semester.

The Gestion Pédagogique Collégiale online computer records system is implemented in the Winter semester.

The College implements its policy on the duplication of non-print materials.

The Continuing Education Faculty takes over the planning, preparation, and implementation of Summer School.

The Data Processing Department implements the Personnel Information System and the student social file system, better known as the Gestion Pédagogique Collégiale.

Personnel Records are computerized.

- 1982-83
The Quebec/Canada Studies program organizes an exchange with students from the College of Fisheries, Navigation, Marine Engineering and Electronics in St. John’s, Newfoundland.

The Respiratory and Anaesthesia Technology program receives unconditional accreditation from Canadian Medical Association permitting graduates to practice anywhere in Canada.

The Data Processing Department implements a new Registrar’s system (GPC), an admissions system, and a GFC financial system.

- 1983-84
The Québec Government adopts the new “regime pédagogique”

The College works to integrate new technology, such as microcomputers and special labs, into all curriculums.

The Vanier College Football Cheetah’s win the Bol d’Or Provincial Championship.

The Computer Science Program is introduced.

A policy for dealing with cases of sexual harassment is approved.

The Women’s Studies program has it first male graduate

The Québec Ministry of Education approves the Québec/Canada Studies exchange as a College complimentary course. Students participate in an exchange with Yukon College in Whitehorse.

Establishment of the Vanier Mathematics Club and the first Annual Vanier College Mathematics Competition.

Establishment of the Vanier College Running Club.

Publication of the Vanier College media catalogue

- 1984-85
Jake’s Ice Cream Parlour, a student business initiative, is named ‘Company of the Year’ in North Montreal with first quarter sales of $6,742

It is recommended that the Graduation Ceremony be held in June and not September as in previous years.

The Special Admission Project is initiated giving academically weak students a chance to attend Cegep.

The Quebec/Canada Studies program organizes an exchange with students from Holland College in Prince Edward Island.

The Psychology Department introduced the new course “Psychology of Sex” to much demand warranting an increase from one section to three the following semester.

The Animal Health option is separated from the Wildlife Management option

The Wildlife Field Station is moved from Carling Lake to a temporary site at Boyd Lake

The Digital Systems Technology program is approved

The Business Administration program introduces its “General Administration” option intended to provide students with a general exposure to business activities rather than a specialization in one area.

The Student Development Service introduces “The Student Activity Calendar,” an agenda intended to help students better organize their time and stay apprised of upcoming events within the College.

An electric lighting systems is added to the Vanier College playing field.

The College decides to implement a Fédération des cégeps system (Paie-Personnel)

The CAD/CAM Institute (Computer Assisted Design / Computer Assited Manufacturing) is established in October of 1984 oferring three English credit courses in computer-aided drafting

- 1985-86
Vanier College hosts the Women’s Basketball National Championships

The Office Systems Technology program is introduced

The Library introduces the UTLAS Inc. automated share cataloguing system and adds three microcomputers

- 1986-87
The Snowdon campus is closed and merged with the Ste. Croix campus in the Fall semester

Establishment of four faculties as the focal point of the academic life and administrative functioning of the College.

The Academic Councils of both respective campuses are combined to form the Joint Faculty Curriculum Committee

Alex Porter is appointed Academic Dean

New majors in Slavic and Jewish studies are approved

Vanier hosts the 7th Annual Meeting of CEGEP Librarians

The Library and Audio Visual Department are formally separated into two distinct administrative units.

Basketball player Pierre Tiblin becomes the first of seventeen Vanier student athletes to receive All-Canadian honours.

The Vanier Wrestling team win the Provincial Championship

The Vanier College Cheetah’s Basketball team win the National Championship

The two former reading centers of the Ste. Croix and Snowden campuses are merged to form one large student resource center called The Learning Center.

The Bookstore plans to implement a computerized system to facilitate transactions.

- 1987-88
The New Building was inaugurated on February 13, 1987

- 1988-89
Vanier College partners up with the Montreal Chinese community to provide education facilities for newly created Chinese School

Elimination of the Faculty of Interdisciplinary Studies and creation of the four Faculties which group together similar disciplines and programs

Introduction to Literature becomes a required English course for all students

Vanier College joins the PERFORMA program at the University of Sherbrooke

The library introduces microcomputers to be used for as terminals for online bibliographic searching.

The Audio-Visual Department adds another Apple computer lab

The Learning Center acquires a second computer and provides workshops to students on how to write on a PC using Wordperfect

Vanier hosts the Canadian Athletics Association National Soccer Championships

Vanier Today, is literally published daily

- 1989-90
The Vanier College Football Cheetah’s win the Bol d’Or Provincial Championship

Keith Coffin is named Canadian Basketball Coach of the Year

Publication of Focus, a journal dealing with the activities and concern of the community in general and faculty in particular

Advantage Program,

First year of the new Faculty of Social Science and Commerce amalgamating all Social Science Departments with the Commerce Department under one administrative unit.

Development of the Access program designed for students admitted to Social Science with a lower admission average or missing one credit to complete their High School Leaving Certificate

The Quebec/Canada Studies program completes another exchange course with the Arctic College in the Northwest Territories

Two new Science programs, Science Plus and Science Access, are to implemented better respond to individual differences and strengths

The Human Resources Department adopts a Computerized Management Information System

UNISYS A4 computers become fully operational on all computer systems.

- 1990-91
The Women’s Studies faculty with support of the administration instituted the College’s Policy on Affirmative Action, one of the first such policies in the Québec

The Liberal Arts program is implemented in the Fall semester.

FABES, a new provincial budget system is announced to all colleges

The Mathematics Department organizes a drop-in center for students experiencing difficulty

A Social Science Resource room was established to house student-oriented extra-curricular activities, tutorials, seminars, guest lecturers, group-meetings or discussions and study.

The Audio-Visual Department acquires IBM-compatible computer labs in the Main and New buildings

The Library enters its catalogued material (42000 records) into machine readable form.

CD-ROMs are introduced for student and faculty use – a preliminary analysis reported that CDROMs are “a great success and quickly became entrenched as a necessary part of library research”

Student Services publishes two new booklets, namely the “General Information Guide” and the “Professional Careers Programs.”

The Tennis team wins the Provincial championship after going undefeated for the entire season

Lifeskills, a non-credit program assembling a variety of courses and workshops was introduced as regular component of the Continuing Education course offerings

- 1991-92
The Vanier College Football Cheetah’s win the Bol d’Or Provincial Championship

CLÉO (Centre linguistique écrit et orale) is established

The Social Science program is implemented

- 1992-93
Michael Macchiagodena is appointed Director General

The Board of Directors adopts the College’s current Mission Statement

The Vanier College Foundation is established to provide financial assistance to students in need, recognize academic achievements, and support programs that enrich student life

The Vanier Electronic Bulletin Board (BBS), allowing easy communications among members of the Vanier community and making course outlines accessible 24/7, is established

The College participates in launching the “Côte-de-Neiges Project” intended to promote racial harmony in Montreal. The project provides ongoing support for high-risk students of ethnic minorities from Secondary V, through a 3 year professional program, and into their first job

The Music Department performs a special concert honouring the 100th Anniversary of the City of Saint-Laurent

The “Science, On Tourne” contest which requires students to use their knowledge of science and problem solving skills is established

The College bulletin, ‘Vanier Today’, is now published three times a week instead of one

The Bookstore, now fully computerized, introduces a new electronic point of sale terminal. For the first time new cash methods of payment are available to students including: Visa, MasterCard, Cheques, and Interac. A preliminary analysis reports that: “These options are popular and have set the trend for the future.”

The Audio-Visual Department acquires new technology including Laser Disk players, a video projector, and Video 8 and Hi8 cameras

- 1993-94
David Johnson is appointed Academic Dean

Ethernet cards are added to the College’s computer network

The Applied Ecology and Animal Care program opens its Field Station at Lake Sir John in Lachute, Quebec

Humanities courses are divided into three streams, Knowledge, World Views, and Ethics, replacing the previous Creativity category

The Music Department hosts the Prix d’Expression Musicale competition

Implementation of the Cataloguing, Public Access Catalogue and Circulation modules of the Bestseller Library Automation system; acquisition of the University Microfilms Proquest Index and General Periodicals on disc

The F-building, known as the “chapel building,” is converted into the library. Features three floors of books and colour coded environments for study and research

The Vanier College Style Guide, whose purpose is to standardize the Vanier College corporate image, is developed

A four-day “Inaugural Gala” and concert series is organized for the opening of the new Auditorium. The student choir and the Vanier Singers (composed of staff members) were joined by the group “I Musici” under the direction of Yuli Turovsky to perform a rendition of Vivaldi’s “Lauda Jerusalem” at the inaugural concert

Introduction of the first Anglophone graduate level PERFORMA programme offering M.A, M. Ed., and D.E. degrees by the University of Sherbrooke on site at Vanier

The Vanier Rugby team wins the league championship

The new Fitness Center is opened in the Sports Complex featuring a wide range of aerobic equipment, weight training apparatus, and a free weights area

The Audio Visual Department adds several new technologies including a Macintosh system, and color scanner (note: a color printer was expected shortly thereafter), a Hi-Camcorder, and a Multi-mode video system

The Data Processing Department oversees many developments including: the creation of a new Admission System, the creation of a Review Board System, a Projection Program, and the Dean’s Honour List

The College adopts a policy dealing with HIV/AIDS and related concerns

- 1994-95
Implementation of the Reforms in the core disciplines of English, Humanities, French as a Second Language, and Physical Education

Implementation of the Robillard curriculum

Development of ‘A Policy on Evaluation of Student Learning’ commonly referred to as an ‘épreuve synthèse’

Approval of ‘The Program Evaluation Policy’ establishing context and mechanism for all subsequent program evaluations within the College

The Liberal Arts program is implemented in the Fall semester. The first cohort includes 30 students.

Vanier College hosts its first annual Kleinmann Family Foundation Symposium on the Holocaust and Genocide, now in its 18th year of operation

The Vanier College Men’s Soccer team are win bronze at the National Championships

The rise of student computer use in the AV labs leads to the installation of a new computer lab

The acquisition of a satellite dish in Continuing Education allowed for the first video conference entitled ‘Enhancing and Evaluating College Teaching and Learning’

Internet and Email come to Vanier College as first email server is set up

- 1995-96
Vanier College celebrates its 25th Anniversary! Celebratory activities included: a giant birthday cake served at Registration , a family picnic attended by over 300 staff, faculty, and family members, a reunion dinner gala for past and present employees, two variety shows produced and performed by the Vanier community, “Retro Day” featuring 1970s prices in the cafeteria, and more

Implementation of Mid-term Assessments procedure

Restructuring of the academic sector from four Faculties to three. The Dean of Science assumes the added responsibility for the core disciplines of Humanities, French, and English; the Dean of Social Science and Commerce assumes the added responsibility for the Communications, Music, and Modern Languages. The Faculty of Applied Technologies remains unchanged

The “Welcome and Integration Semester” at Vanier is renamed “Explorations Programs.” Consisting of a set ad hoc courses, these programs are designed to allow incoming students without definite career plans to ‘explore’ Cegep level education

Creation of a 100 plus seat Amphitheatre, a Mathematics Resource Center, and a newly renovated and expanded Learning Center

The computer mainframe is upgraded to a Digital Alpha System

- 1996-97
Vanier Cheetah alumnus Tim Biakabutuka is selected in the 1st round in the National Football League draft. Signing for $12.7 million dollars he becomes the highest paid of Vanier’s 46 alums that have gone on to pro football careers.

Chris Strathopoulos is named Canadian Soccer Player of the year. Zoran Jankovic is named Canadian Soccer Coach of the Year

- 1997-98
College wide Network Cabling Achieved

- 1998-99
The Music Department hosts its first annual Big Band Benefit Concert to raise funds for music scholarships. The inaugural concert is dedicated to

Mireille Beland is named Canadian Basketball Coach of the Year

- 1999-00
Vanier College takes necessary precautions for Y2K

Institutional Evaluation

Approval of Management Working Agreement

Program approval for Double D.E.C in Music & Science

New major in International Business introduced in the Commerce program

Establishment of a mentoring program for ‘At-Risk’ students

Initiated a program to celebrate Vanier’s multicultural diversity

The Vanier College Music Department hosts MusicFest Québec for the first time

The Women’s Studies Department organizes its first International Women’s Week celebrating

Women’s Day with a series of events and keynote speakers dealing with specific women's issues

The Vanier College Foundation hosts its first Annual Golf Tournament to raise funds for students in need

Creation of Electronic Science Classroom, Sound Design Recording Studio, and replacement of roofs in buildings B & C

- 2000-01
Peter Ross is appointed Academic Dean

Implementation of first full telephone registration system for all students

Redesign of Student Services environment, creation of new Multiple Viewing Room environment, Pedagogical Research Laboratory

First annual recognition ceremony for Entrance Scholarship winners

First annual Student Awards Ceremony highlighting student achievements

- 2001-02
Approval of Management Working Conditions

Approval of Continuing Education AECs in Industrial Electronics and Software Applications Specialist

New major in Sports and Leisure Studies introduced in the Social Science program

Development of a new Cheating and Plagiarism Policy

The first Social Science Festival takes in the Fall semester as a means of putting students in the Program in contact with individuals directly involved with issues relevant to the Social Sciences

Creation of Research Laboratory for Math and Science

Website redesigned with the addition of an Athletics page and Notable Alumni page

First Environmental and Wildlife Management Field Station Open House

Creation of an additional computer Science laboratory (D-2), a new Special Care Counselling Communications laboratory (N-1), and an Early Childhood Education Nutrition laboratory (F-2)

Hosted Montreal Regional Science Fair

Created FirstClass (Communication Software) accounts for all incoming students and faculty

- 2002-03
Approval of Continuing Education AECs in Audio-Recording Technology and Cultural Development Animator

Approval of Institutional Policy on The Evaluation of Student Achievement (IPESA)

Key Performance Indicators (KPI) produced for all programs offered at Vanier

First year implementation of the International Baccalaureate program

First year operation of the Language School as a pilot project

The Music Department in conjunction with the Vanier College Foundation present the Christmas opera “Amahl and the Night Visitors” and a gala dinner

Creation of new classrooms and resources centers, expansion of Sports Complex and Fitness Center as well as complete overhaul of the swimming pool environment, major renovations to the Music Department, Nursing Department, and Social Science Department

- 2003-04
First Trip for Tolerance organized through the Jewish Studies program to send students to New York and Washington in the interest of promoting tolerance among people of all cultures, races and religions. Students visit such sites as Ellis Island, the Arab American Discrimination Committee, and the Holocaust Memorial

Development of a new Marketing option in the Business Administration program

New major in Psychology introduced in the Social Science program

Approval of the new Multimedia Technology program

Approval of Continuing Education AECs in Accounting and Management

Midterm assessments available online

First Shave to Save for Breast Cancer Fundraiser held

Construction begins on the new Vanier Childcare Center

The Music Department hosts MusicFest Canada

Establishment of the Math, Science and International Baccalaureate Resource Center

Revision of Mission Statement

Creation of Fran Davis Award for Outstanding Contribution to Women Studies

- 2004-05
The Business Administration Department establishes student exchanges with several institutions in France

The Vanier Key Society, an honours society, is created to promote excellence in students, an honours society

- 2005-06
Gilbert Héroux is appointed Director General

Vanier College teachers and staff launch the Open Door Network (ODN), a college-wide effort to inform and sensitize faculty, staff and students about sexual orientation and gender identity.

The Vanier College Business Administration Department launches its first annual Case Challenge competition

The Music Department organizes its first Alumni Annual Forum featuring its own graduates in a panel discussion

The Office of Human Rights is created

- 2006-07
John McMahon is appointed Academic Dean

The Vanier College Football Cheetah’s win the Bol d’Or Provincial Championship

- 2007-08
The Vanier College Football Cheetah’s repeat as Bol d’Or champions ending the season with a perfect 10-0 record.

The Vanier Lady Cheetah’s win both the Provincial and National Championship

The College officially adopts the SRAM admission system to facilitate the Cegep application process

The Vanier College Continuing Education Department develops the Attestation d’études collégiales (AEC) programs

Vanier College becomes a Wi-Fi institution

- 2008-09
The Music Department with the support of the entire College mount a successful production of the Montreal Premiere Benefit Concert of Ruth Fazal’s Oratorio Terezin at Place des Arts

The College launches its Vanier Aids Action in Africa initiative by undertaking activities to inform and involve young people in the HIV/AIDS pandemic in Africa as well as sending student ambassadors to Malawi

The College launches its Anglais sans problème project providing pedagogical support and services to French speaking students easing the transition to an English Cegep

The Office of Institutional Development & Effectiveness (OIDE) is established

Students of the Architectural Technology program travel to Taos, New Mexico to participate in a Habitat for Humanity home building project

- 2009-10
The province invests 1.5 million in updating the Vanier College science labs with state-of-the-art equipment and facilities.

Vanier College introduces three new programs including Computer Science and Mathematics, Early Childhood Education Attestation, and Fundraising

Vanier becomes a Green College obtaining Level 1 Cégep Vert Certification

Application for NSERC Certification is approved

Marie Eve Martin is named Canadian Basketball Player of the Year

Design and installation of new and external signs

- 2010-11
Vanier college celebrates its 40th anniversary.

The Cheetahs Men's Football team wins their ninth Bol d'Or Provincial Championship.

Vanier College recognized as a Level 3 Cégep Vert

Annual Graduation Ceremony held on campus under a large tent on June 18th, 2011.

Vanier College celebrates with Reunion Picnic on June 19th, 2011 welcoming close to 500 alumni, staff, and their families.

Alumni Concert Band features over 60 past and present Vanier Music Department staff and students in a one-time performance.

Alumni Big Band features past and present Vanier Music Department staff and students in a one-time performance.

World Premiere of La Terra Promessa by Robert F. Jones commissioned specially for the 40th Anniversary.

The College gets a facelift with new signage campus-wide; including a Hollywood-style marquee on the front lawn.

The Continuing Education Department introduces a new AEC Program in Immigration Consulting.

Immigration Consulting AEC initiated as a part time program in partnership with Cegep de St-Laurent and the Canadian Society of Immigration.

Sterilization AEC initiated as a part time program in partnership with Cegep de St-Laurent under Recognition of Acquired Competencies structure.

Programs suspended: Engineering Math and Physics and Biomedical Science Majors of the Science Program

Social Science student Exchange to Cégep Gaspésie et des Iles launched.

John McMahon resigns, Martine Gauthier named Academic Dean. Loic Boyer named Safety and Security Manager; Printing Services and Vanier communications amalgamated.

Men's AAA Basketball team Provincial Gold Medalists 2011 and CCAA National Champions 2011, their second National Championship.

Inaugural issue of Vanier College Alumni newsletter, AlumNotes January 2010.

First annual Cégep à Vélo bike week held at Vanier.

40 Tribute Scholarships awarded to 2010-2011 graduating students in honour of founding members of Vanier College.

First annual Cégep à Vélo bike week held at Vanier and Vanier College participates in “Leave my Car at Home Corporate Challenge”.

Semaine de la francophonie launched.

Vanier opens the Galerie Henry Lehmann Gallery on November 24, 2010 named after the late Communications teacher.

Pedagogical Development Office (PDO) opens its doors.

Disability Awareness Day launched.

Partnership agreement with Sir Wilfred Laurier School Board now links school board program Computer support with Computer Science Technology

International education activities: Water: Action for Access saw Vanier students and staff travel to Malawi for a four week trip focussing on access to safe water and sanitation; Business Administration welcomed 22 students from France and sent Vanier students to France for their internships; Vanier students traveled and studied in Nicaragua and Denmark.

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