Nirmala Bains teaches Anthropology at Vanier and is also an author of note. In her latest offering, she wrote a chapter in the book, "Unravelling Encounters" which has received a good deal of critical acclaim since its publication. Nirmala primarily focused on young Canadians who apply to teach English in South Korea and their attitudes as compared to other Canadians working in foreign countries. Her chapter examines how they are "racialized as white Westerners in South Korean society and how they respond to this positioning." You can visit Nirmala's page to find out more. Read more.

Matthieu Sossoyan

Matthieu Sossoyan is an Anthropology teacher who was the subject of an August 2013 article in the Nouvelles Saint-Laurent. He had an article published in the Montreal Gazette of February 2010 on the subject of tensions in the Kahnawake community and was also interviewed for an article that appeared in Le Devoir in May 2010. Prior to that, he had been the subject of a Montreal Gazette article by Mike Boone on his exceptional presentation "Are the Montreal Canadiens a Religion?" from Vanier's 2009 Social Sciences Festival. Matthieu is the Editor-in-Chief of our extensive "History of Vanier College" website. Read more.

Sophie Jacmin

Vanier Humanities teacher Sophie Jacmin has been a driving force in a long-term project at Vanier in which her studentes utilize video-conferencing to communicate with a class in Sept-Isles. She was featured in a related article that highlighted the innovative team-teaching aspects of this project. We were also happy to hear the recent news that Sophie has also had her first book published by Les Éditions XYZ. The novel is entitled "Deux poids deux mesures". Read more.

Michael Mackenzie
Humanities Professor Michael Mackenzie is a noted writer and director for both the cinema and the theatre. His latest play "Instructions to any future socialist government wishing to abolish Christmas" opened at the Centaur in March 2011. In the world of cinema, his second feature film "Adam's Wall" premiered at the Montreal Festival du Nouveau Cinema in 2008. Michael's first feature film on which he served as both writer and director, "The Pig and the Baroness" played at the 2003 Sundance Film Festival as well as at many other international film festivals. It also was nominated for three Jutra Awards including one for Best Direction.

Gordon Edwards is a Vanier Mathematics teacher and long-time President of the Canadian Coalition for Nuclear Responsibility. He won a 2006 Nuclear-Free Award in the category of Education and is often interviewed on national TV networks as an expert on the issues of nuclear safety and the science of nuclear energy. He was interviewed by CTV in November 2009 regarding the Harper government's decision to sell nuclear technology to India. His previous two interviews from January 2009 concerned the Chalk River Reactor leak and lax security in reactors on Canadian university campuses . Read more + view video clips.

Vanier Nursing teacher Melodie Hicks is the first ever recipient of the Vanier College VIP (Very Important Person) Award, which was presented to her at the 2008-2009 Graduation Ceremony. Apart from her outstanding contributions in the field of teaching, Melodie has been a front line worker on malaria prevention in Africa as well as a tireless advocate in the field of HIV/AIDS awareness and fundraising. In January 2008, Melodie joined students and staff of Vanier College for a trip to Malawi where she was able to study first hand the effects of HIV/AIDS on sub-Saharan Africa. Congratulations, Melodie!. Find out more.

Vanier was pleased to announce that Music Department coordinator and teacher, Nadia Turbide was honoured with being selected as the 2nd winner of the ABCD Award (Above and Beyond the Call of Duty) which is presented each year to someone whose actions and activities not only contribute to the positive well-being of the College community, but also go well beyond what is expected or required within their usual position, functions and responsibilities. Nadia has tirelessly promoted a plethora of events and special concerts and has also done much to create and maintain Vanier's well-deserved reputation for excellence in music education. Find out more.

Congratulations go out to Mathematics teacher, Steve Rosenfield who was just presented with an award from the Association québécoise de pédagogie collégiale (AQPC) for his exemplary and innovative lifetime contribution to the field of mathematics teaching. Steve is a past winner of the Vanier College Teaching Excellence Award which he won for the school year of 2007-2008. He has also been a long-term member of the Centre for Study of Learning and Performance at Concordia University and has helped develop the high school mathematics curriculum in Quebec. Find out more.

Vanier Staff & Faculty fielded a full Running team for the Défi Corporatif that was held as part of the annual Course Saint-Laurent held on Sunday, April 26, 2009. Representing the College were (from left to right) Carolyn Littlejohns (2KM), Denis Lafontaine (1KM), Quentin Van Ginhoven (10KM), Bachar Karkoukli (2KM), and Jim Fraser (5KM). Also running for Vanier, but not on the official team was Alex Borja (5KM). Coach Mauro Ielovcich, Financial Services Manager, led the team to a respectable 4th place finish out of 18 teams entered. Read more.

Recently retired Humanities professor and Jewish Studies coordinator, Dr. Neil Caplan has just published his latest book The Israel-Palestine Conflict: Contested Histories. He was also was named on October 15, 2008 as the latest recipient of Vanier College's Above and Beyond the Call of Duty (ABCD) award. He previously was in the news when he had a review of two books on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict published in the Montreal Gazette of December 10, 2005. As well, in 2004, he was the winner of the Zipper Education Award as part of the J.I. Segal Awards given out by the Jewish Public Library. Find out more.

Mark Greenwald is a retired teacher from the Special Care Counselling Department. He was a contributing author in a recently published textbook for 3rd year SCC students on the subject of relational ethics in Child and Youth Care. A longtime member of the SCC faculty, Mark took his retirement from the College in 2005. We're happy to see that Mark is still contributing to his field in visible and significant ways. Read more.

Brian Llewellyn-ap-Dafydd not only has taught English at Vanier for many years but also has been a very prominent member of the St. David's Society of Montreal serving the city's Welsh community. Brian is the current President of the group and his wife Joanne is the Society's secretary. He has also been a longtime member of Cor Meibion Cymaeg Montreal, the Montreal Welsh Male Choir, which has performed at many public events and concerts. Many choir members even sang with world-famous Welsh baritone Bryn Terfel at Carnegie Hall. Brian was recently featured in the Society pages of the Gazette of March 22/09. Read more.

Erica Phare, the conductor of the Vanier College Choir, was interviewed in February 2008 on Global TV regarding the Oratorio Terezin of May 4, 2008. Previously, Erica was interviewed on Global TV as part of an extended feature highlighting Vanier's Opera program. She was also in the news for leading the Vanier College choir in 2003 to yet another competition victory. This time it was First Prize in the advanced adult choir category at the ARCIM Choral Festival Competition. See video clips and find out more.

CAMT art teacher Claire Salzberg has had numerous exhibitions of her ceramic sculptures. Claire was featured on the CBC TV program "On the Road Again" on November 26, 2004. Visit her page where you can view the video clip and also link to her website and see an online gallery of her work. Click for more.

Humanities teacher Dr. Stephen Block has been working regularly as a political analyst for CINW 940 News, covering issues ranging from public sector negotiations and the Supreme Court ruling on Medicare to the Gomery Commission scandal and the past federal elections. He was last interviewed in April 2008 regarding the "Race on Race" involving Barack Obama. Click to hear audio clips and to find out more about this story as well as other subjects on which he was either interviewed or else has written himself.

Business Administration teacher David Moscovitz was a guiding force behind the creation of the BDC Case Challenge in 2006 in which Vanier finished in 2nd place. He was no doubt gratified when Vanier's team went on to win the competition in February 2007. This year the competition increased greatly as eleven teams from Quebec and Ontario participated. Find out more and view a video of David on Global TV. Click for more.

Nursing teacher Maria Di Feo presented "A Successful Nursing Stage: Vanier College and CSSS de Sommets" at a Montreal conference held in the spring of 2007 entitled "Creating Sustainable Partnerships: Conditions for Success". Find out more.

History teacher and author, Viviane Bouchard had her second book published in 2007, entitled Les Déserts, témoins de l’histoire du monde. She had also been previously interviewed in January 2005 for a Télé-Québec TV show on Che Guevara, the subject of her first book. Read more and see a video clip.

Jock Mackay and Guy Quinn appeared on Global TV's "This Morning Live" on May 10, 2007 to discuss a study they had recently completed on student performance at the CEGEP level.
Find out more and view the video clip

Robert Del Tredici has taught photography, drawing and the history of animated film. He has also been a noted photographer in the field of documenting nuclear facilities since 1979 and has collaborated extensively with Dr. Gordon Edwards, a Vanier teacher and current president of the Canadian Coalition for Nuclear Responsibility. Click for more and to see examples of his work.

English Department teacher Maurie Alioff, regularly publishes articles on Quebec cinema (on the website) as well as on Canadian cinema for Take One Magazine and its spinoff publication, The Essential Guide to Films and Filmmakers in Canada. In November 2004, he appeared in a CBC documentary that recounted the history of Canadian Film. He also talked about problems in the Canadian film industry on the CBC International Radio Service. Read more, view video clips, hear MP3s.

The VCSA's very own Olga Gazdovic has been hosting a long-running and popular show airing on Saturdays at 1 pm on CJAD entitled "The Laurie and Olga Show". Find out more.

French teacher Jean-Marc Beausoleil recently had a short story published in the collection "Histoire de... récits radiophoniques", from Leméac editeurs. Find out more about this and other works that he has had published.

Avrum Dunsky was honoured in May 2006 with a FAC Award for his work on the recently re-opened B400 Physics Arcade which he designed with invaluable assistance from staff member Dave Smith. Read more and view photos of the presentation as well as the Physics Arcade.

Susan Panneton of the VCTA was lauded recently for her efforts that raised $640 for needy Vanier students through the raffling of a beautiful quilt that she made by hand. Read more and see the quilt.

The Vanier College Running Team showed they had the "right stuff" by taking 1st place in the 2006 running of the Course Saint-Laurent. Congratulations to team members: (left to right) Mauro Ielovcich (1km), Gerry St-Pierre (10 km), Jim Fraser (5 km) and Jim Munro (2 km).
Find out more

Former Director of Human Resources Stan Unger received a glowing review for his latest acting work with the Yiddish Theatre. Read the complete article.

French teachers Philippe Gagné and Marcel Pérez were singled out by FAC (La Fédération autonome du collégial) in May 2006 with a special award for their work on the Pleins feux sur les sciences website competition. Read more.

The English Department's Keith Henderson was announced in May 2006 as the recipient of the 2006 US Independent Publishers Book Award (best fiction from Eastern Canada) for his latest book "The Pagan Nuptials of Julia." Click for more.

Teacher Dr. Jack Hirschberg headed a contingent of Vanier College students for the second year in a row in a Holocaust Remembrance Ceremony at City Hall attended by Mayor Gerald Tremblay in April 2006 which was filmed by CFCF News. He was also a keynote speaker at the "Speak Out" conference held in Quebec City in October 2002. Find out more on Dr. Hirschberg.

Vanier Music teacher and Stage Band Director Jocelyn Couture was interviewed in September, 2005 along with several of his students on Global TV's "This Morning Live" as part of a feature on the Stage Band's then-upcoming concert for the Montreal Jazz Festival. Click to view the video clip.

Early Childhood Education teacher Eva Stelzer had a book published in 2005 entitled "Experiencing Science and Math in Early Childhood. You can also read an article she wrote for the Canadian Child Care Federation. Click for more.

Vanier Music teacher Christopher Smith was interviewed in March 2005 along with several of his students on CBC Radio. The feature focused on the Music Program's efforts to enable students to graduate with a strong business sense in the music industry. For more info and to hear the radio interview, click here.

Computer Science teacher Fred Andrews is also an accomplished artist. He had a very successful exhibition of his drawings and paintings in the CAMT B305 Gallery in October 2004. You can view some of the pieces from this exhibit online.

Radu Falcon is an English teacher here at Vanier. He's also the bassist of a jazz group that's causing quite a buzz. The name of the group is Kobayashi. Read an article from the Montreal Mirror of January 2004.
Click for more.

Psychology teacher Jim Fraser was the subject of an article in The Review, a newspaper in the Boston area, regarding his performance in the May 2003 Boston Marathon, which he ran with his son, Hunter Fraser of Toronto. Running the famous course for his first time, Jim completed it in 4:02, finishing in the top third of his group. Click to read the entire article.

Brian Aboud was featured in a Gazette story of January 27, 2003 regarding a special exhibit for the city of Montreal's Centre d'histoire de Montréal of which he served as curator.

The selection committee for the Vanier College Teaching Excellence Award announced the winner for 2001-2002, Mathematics teacher Claire Gates at an informal ceremony held at her house presided over by Academic Dean Peter Ross. Tragically, Claire passed away on July 21, 2002 after a lengthy illness. She will be remembered fondly for her dedication and kind spirit. Read more.

Physical Education teacher Karen Runnels was the subject of an article by Monique Dykstra in the Montreal Gazette of September 3, 2001. The article, which featured Karen's expertise in natural herbal products and remedies, focused on Karen's suggestions for healthy alternatives for people who use standard commercial makeup and skin care products. Click to read the article, reproduced here with the permission of the author.

Sue Harrison of the French Department was recently presented with this year's first prize in the Document Category of the FAC Awards. FAC is the Fédération autonome du collégial, the union representing Vanier faculty. She won the prize for her work adapting French language lab exercises using new technologies - specifically, the Can-8 authorware available in the CLÉO lab. She has also been named the winner of the 2000-2001 Vanier College Teaching Excellence Award. The official presentation was held at that year's Graduation Ceremonies.

French Department teacher Bianca Zagolin published her second novel, "Les Nomades" in March 2001. Félicitations, Bianca! Click for more.

Chemistry teacher Dr. Ariel Fenster, who received last year what is felt by many to be Quebec's most prestigious teaching award, the 1999 Raymond Gervais Award for exceptional contribution to science education, was also the subject of a Gazette article by Monique Dykstra in 2000. Find out more.

Music teacher Ronald Headland, musician, visual artist and historian, published his second book on the Holocaust in November 1998. You can read more about him as well as some of his other accomplishments. Click for more.

Physical Education Professor Guy Quinn was profiled in the Montreal Gazette of Thursday, October 8, 1998. He also appeared in a feature on Global News about his Survival Skills course. Read more and view the video clip.