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Sarah Rossy, Music and Science Double DCS

Valedictorian address at the 2013 Graduation Ceremony By Sarah Rossy, Music and Science Double DCS A time of transition and experiment These past few years, when faraway family members have asked what I’m doing with school, I have happily responded “CEGEP!” “What?” They would ask, “That sounds like some sort of deadly illness!” And then […]

Dorothy Yeats, Pure & Applied Science Sport-Études élite athlete

When it came time to choose a Cegep, Vanier was the only place Dorothy Yeats ever considered As a champion wrestler, Dorothy wanted to continue her sport and work with her coach, Victor Zilberman, who teaches at Vanier. As a highly ranked athlete, Dorothy knew she’d be competing a lot and would need the flexibility […]

Mahmoud El-Bachir, Computer Science Technology

A dream job for Computer Science Technology graduate Mahmoud El-Bachir   Many students coming out of high school just don’t know what they want to study and what they want to do in life. That was certainly the case of Mahmoud El-Bachir, a 2006 graduate of Computer Science Technology at Vanier, who today is a […]

Jason Salama, Industrial Electronics Alumnus

I’m happy I chose Industrial Electronics If something new came into the house my mother would immediately shake her finger at me saying “I don’t want to see you taking a screwdriver to that…” Wanting to know how things work “When I was a kid I loved playing around with things,” says Jason Salama, 2003 […]

Giovanna Arcuri, OST Micropublishing & Hypermedia

A scholarship, award winning posters, & belly dancing are all part of Giovanna’s story! It wasn’t hard for Micropublishing and Hypermedia student Giovanna Arcuri to choose Vanier. It’s almost like her second home. “I felt comfortable coming here,” says Giovanna. “My mom works here so I was in the Vanier daycare centre until I was […]

Sondos Zayed, Health Science

Making discoveries in science and debating Health Science student, Sondos Zayed, had many reasons to choose Vanier. “I love the sense of community at Vanier. For example, Universal Break, something quite special at Vanier, allows you to make new friends. Because so many students gather in the same areas during UB, it also helps strengthen […]

Duchelin Joseph, Nursing & Malawi Exchange

From Brooklyn to the Vanier Nursing Exchange in Malawi   In the spring of 2012, five Vanier Nursing students went to Malawi to do their final Nursing internship in Malawi, Africa. Duchelin Joseph was one of the students selected for this coveted study opportunity. For Duchelin, the trip to Africa was the culmination of a […]

Eric Braley, Music & Science Double DEC

Music & Science Double DEC – combining a love of music & practicality Students who enter a Music Double DEC often do so to balance their love of music with something more practical. After all making a living as a musician is not easy. So even for Eric Braley whose parents are both musicians and […]

Lu Yao, Health Science

For this director of The Merchant of Venice, Cegep is the place to make things happen Cegep is a place to try new things, stretch your limits and learn about what you want to do in life. That certainly was true for Science student Lu Yao, whose interest in theatre led her to start a […]

David Berardo, Pure and Applied Science

A dream come true for this budding physicist: two weeks at the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics For young people who get a thrill out of science, being able to share that passion with other like-minded young people is rare. But that’s exactly what the International Summer School for Young Physicists at the Perimeter Institute […]

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