A dream job for Computer Science Technology graduate Mahmoud El-Bachir

 Mahmoud El-Bachir

Many students coming out of high school just don’t know what they want to study and what they want to do in life.

That was certainly the case of Mahmoud El-Bachir, a 2006 graduate of Computer Science Technology at Vanier, who today is a Project Manager at Nuance Communications, a world leader in voice recognition technology.

Science then the military

When Mahmoud first attended Vanier he chose Health Science. But when he saw a Canadian Armed Forces information booth on campus he decided to join the army and left cegep for training at a military base in Chilliwack, B.C. “I joined because I was young and the army was exciting and new,” says Mahmoud. “I trained as an explosives field engineer. I liked the military, but I only stayed two years. I knew it wasn’t what I wanted to do for life. I knew I wanted to study Computer Science Technology at Vanier. I didn’t even bother applying elsewhere. I liked the atmosphere and the teachers at Vanier.”

M4E –Motorcycles forever and the world of computers

“Why did I choose Computer Science Technology? Well, I ride a motorcycle, and while I was in the military I started building the fi rst website for motorcyclists in Quebec. That got me interested in the computer world. I had to fi gure out how to build, manage, maintain, market and make the site grow. So I needed to know more about computers. My site, called M4E –Motorcycles forever – is a message board telling riders about events and meeting places to go on rides. The site brings together new and experienced riders. With 17,000 members it’s the largest site in Quebec.”

Mahmoud El-Bachir, Computer Science Technology Graduate

What did the Computer Science Technology program give him?

“It gave me the tools and the programming skills that are helpful for my job at Nuance. Even though I went on to obtain a Bachelor degree in Software Engineering at UQAM, it’s the training I received at Vanier that has been most useful in making me a good software developer. It’s the years acquiring coding skills and getting hands-on learning and practice at Vanier that gave me real life experience and proved most useful.”

Advance credits and good preparation for university

“At university you could see how people without a technology DCS struggled. But because of my Computer Science Technology DCS, UQAM credited me with 5 courses. That meant one full semester less to get my Bachelor’s degree.” Subsequently, Mahmoud also obtained an MBA while working full-time. This led him directly into his current
position as a Project Manager at Nuance.

Managing projects

“I look after projects from the kick-off to deployment. I oversee the requirements gathering then work on the design, development, testing and fi nally the release of new products. It’s a dream job. I get to travel a lot in the United States in particular.

Named to the Chairman’s Club

“This year I was named to the 2013 Chairman’s Club at Nuance Communications. It’s a small group of people who have exceeded expectations and been very good at their job. People are recognized based on their performance and that of their teams. It’s a big event. We got to be pampered for a week in an all-expenses-paid resort, were given gifts and enjoyed a private show by Kelly Clarkson.”

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