“If something new came into the house my mother would immediately shake her finger at me saying, I don’t want to see you taking a screwdriver to that.”

“When I was a kid I loved playing around with things,” says Jason Salama, 2003 Vanier graduate of Industrial Electronics. “I was always opening things to see how they worked then taking them apart and putting them back together again.”

One month after graduating from Vanier Jason was hired by Everest Automation Inc. where he has worked ever since. And it’s a dream job for someone who loves the nitty gritty of designing systems that control automatic processes.

I started out by learning about the products, then training sales representatives and helping with various automation projects.

Now I’m working in sales on the road. I meet a lot of different people and see a lot of different industries. The variety of clients changes constantly.”

Everest Automation is an established company in the field of distributing instrumentation, control valves, analytical equipment and control systems. “We sell high technology and distribute control systems to various industries ranging from the food industry, to mining, to pulp and paper, to original equipment manufacturers.”

“One day I might be dealing with Saputo helping them set up milk flow application for the processing of cheese and the next day I might be working with a mining company, an explosives manufacturer or another that makes chemical catalysts. That same week, I might be back in the dairy industry on a milk pasteurization application, in a bus factory or working with City of Laval officials setting up flow meters for water treatment and wastewater management. I really get to enjoy my job when I meet with the makers of Bailey’s Cream & Smirnoff Ice, Labatt beer or L’Oréal cosmetics helping them design the control strategies for the manufacture of their products. Now I’m back at my own college talking to people running the heating plants and even my old teachers for educational modules that will help students see what is out there and how things are made, just like the show!”

“I see about fifteen customers a week – and I listen to their needs, their problems and I help them come up with systems that will do the job they require. I meet with company presidents in nice shoes and soon aft er with workers in safety boots. I cover a large area from Laval to the upper Laurentians. Our company is in the business of selling solutions.” The challenge for Jason is to understand the businesses of his clients so that he can sell them the integrated control equipment they need to get their jobs done. “I’m never bored. Not only is there variety in the work I do, but I also need to stay up-to-date on new products and technology. I’m constantly going online to see what’s new and reading up on advances in automation and control. My business is to sell instruments that measure something, lets a controller decide on the proper response, and act by following through on the decision.”

“I’m happy I chose Industrial Electronics – it satisfies the side of me that likes how things work together and the side of me that likes dealing with people and traveling. It was the best decision I ever made.”


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