Christopher Simeone, Special Care Counselling

Giving everyone support and a chance to succeed Winning a scholarship is an accomplishment for any student. Winning one when you have a learning disability is all the more outstanding. But then Christopher Simeone a student in the Special Care Counselling program and a winner of a 2012 RFCM (Regroupement des fondations collégiales de Montréal) […]

Alison Levine, Nothing fragile about this rugby athlete

Players like Vanier’s Alison Levine prove their mettle on the court. “When I go to practice after a bad day, ooohhh, watch out!” says wheelchair rugby player Alison Levine. Only a few women in Canada are tough enough – or crazy enough – to play wheelchair rugby. Alison Levine is one of them. Murderball The […]

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