Vanier graduate Alexis Lahora, wins an Outstanding Student Award at Concordia University and speaks to the WHO in Washington

What’s to be done about bullying in schools, online, in companies? It’s a problem without a ready solution but Vanier graduate Alexis Lahorra didn’t let that stop her. While she was a student at Vanier, she decided to run the “Stronger than a Rock” Anti-Bullying Awareness campaign, that has left a lasting legacy at Vanier. […]

Ashley Zver-Volel & Severina Gachparova, Communications: Art, Media,Theatre

“Curating the Henry Lehmann Gallery has been an enormous privilege.” The Henry Lehmann Gallery, located in the heart of the Communications: Art, Media and Theatre (CAMT) department, is a student-run exhibition space that offers a professional experience to both the student curators and the student artists.  For curator Severina Gachparova and assistant Ashley Zver-Volel looking […]

From film fan to serious artist

It’s on to Communications at Concordia Catherine Woron made the most of her two years at Vanier in the Communications: Art, Media and Theatre program. “I used to be a Hollywood girl, my style of film was romance …” she says, “but watching films in our courses, studying them and critiquing them, I changed.” It’s […]

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