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Vanier graduate Alexis Lahora, wins an Outstanding Student Award at Concordia University and speaks to the WHO in Washington

What’s to be done about bullying in schools, online, in companies? It’s a problem without a ready solution but Vanier graduate Alexis Lahorra didn’t let that stop her. While she was a student at Vanier, she decided to run the “Stronger than a Rock” Anti-Bullying Awareness campaign, that has left a lasting legacy at Vanier. […]

Kenny Meza-Boxer, Industrial Electronics

When you ask students why they chose to study in a particular program, you never know how the story will unfold. For Kenny Meza-Boxer, a recent graduate of Industrial Electronics, it was a high school physics class on electricity that turned him on. “I went nuts over it,” he says. “I got 100% on all […]

Jenny Kuan, Social Science – Commerce

Free at last – Cegep has allowed Jenny Kuan to come into her own Within minutes of meeting and speaking with Vanier Commerce student, Jenny Kuan, it’s clear she is an original – vivacious, animated, and funny. But as the recipient of a prestigious 2013 Toyota Earth Day Scholarship valued at $5,000, the main word […]

Goncourt des Lycéens

L’aventure d’une vie pour six étudiantes de Vanier qui ont représenté le Québec au Prix Goncourt des lycéens 2012 Le cégep off re souvent aux étudiants des opportunités surprenantes et inusitées. Cela a été le cas pour six étudiantes de Vanier qui ont fait équipe et vécu une aventure littéraire hors du commun lorsque le […]

Yao Wang, Professional Music and Song Techniques program

A Vanier College original musical production: Whisper It’s chaos and rehearsal time for Whisper, composed by Vanier Music student Yao Wang. Yao was only ten years old when she started composing music. That’s fairly unusual, but even more surprising is that nine years later she has composed Whisper, a full length original musical that she […]

Mavis Arhun, Early Childhood Education

Ask Questions It seems like such a simple thing, but Mavis Arhun says that it’s the most important thing she’s learned at Vanier. Unlike some of her previous school experiences, Mavis says that at Vanier she feels free to ask questions and admit she doesn’t understand something without fear of feeling judged by teachers and […]

Michael Noonan, Rhodes Scholar 2012, 2007 Vanier Science Graduate

Michael Noonan, a 2007 Science graduate of Vanier College, is one of two Québec winners of a Class of 2012 Rhodes Scholarship, widely considered the most prestigious scholarship in the world. Valued at approximately $50,000 a year, Rhodes Scholarships provide all expenses for two or three years of study at the University of Oxford in […]

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