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Tutoring & Academic Success Centre

formerly known as The Learning Centre

Tutoring & Academic Success Centre

Guides and Tutorials (Interactive)

1000 Images on the Tip of My Tongue

  • Enrich your vocabulary in English, French, and Spanish with this trilingual index of idioms.

A Listening Companion

  • Develop your listening comprehension skills and vocabulary with this website, which features video interviews with native English speakers and accompanying exercises.

College English Prep Online

  • Develop your listening comprehension, reading comprehension, pronunciation, writing, and literary analysis skills with this interactive tutorial.

English Exit Exam Preparation

  • Prepare for the English Exit exam with this website, which features readings, exercises, and interactive tutorials.

English Now: A Tutorial

  • Develop your understanding of English verb tenses, broaden your vocabulary, and improve your reading comprehension and listening comprehension skills with this interactive tutorial.

Online Tutoring System for Essay Writing

  • Improve your sentence structure and develop your essay-writing skills with this interactive tutorial.

Revision Strategies for Writing

  • Develop effective revision strategies with these interactive checklists and tutorials.

The Language and Reading Companion

  • Improve your reading and listening comprehension skills with college-level texts. Broaden your vocabulary with interactive quizzes.