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> The Learning Centre > Activities > Awards Ceremony 2010
Awards CeremonyOn Monday, May 3rd, Vanier students were honoured for their significant contribution to the College as peer tutors, volunteers and award winners. Monique Magnan, Director of Services for Students, gave the Welcoming Address and congratulated the students on their participation at Vanier. Judy Macdonald, Coordinator of Learning Enrichment & Support Services for Programs, thanked the students on behalf of the College. Also participating: Don Hetherington, Faculty Dean of Science & General Studies, Nancy Wargny, Faculty Dean of Social Science, Commerce, Arts and Letters and Michael Sendbuehler, Faculty Dean of Careers and Technical Programs. Minaz Shaikh, a Vanier student and Key Society member, was the MC for the ceremony. The event was sponsored by the Office of Learning and Enrichment and Support Services for Programs. We invite you to view some photos below which were taken at the ceremony.


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