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Tutoring & Academic Success Centre

formerly known as The Learning Centre

Tutoring & Academic Success Centre

Awards Ceremony 2013

On April 29th, The Learning Centre held the Student Awards Ceremony. This celebration honored all our volunteers and tutors throughout the College. By volunteering and tutoring, these students have helped to contribute to the success of their fellow peers.

The following groups were included: English Peer Teaching class, Biology Peer Tutors, CLÉO Peer Tutors, Humanities Ambassadors, Communications Peer Tutors, Modern Languages Peer Tutors, Social Science Peer Tutors, Nursing Peer Tutors, Early Childhood Education Peer Tutors, C.O.R.E., VCSA Student Council, VCSA Executives, VCSA Music Peer Tutors, English Peer Tutors, Learning Centre Assistants, Vanier Key Society, Math & Science Assistants, Math & Science Peer Tutors, Math Award winners, and Language School Conversation Partners.

We also honored our award winners from the Public Speaking Contest and The Learning Centre’s various writing competitions. On behalf of the Awards Committee, we would like to thank the following people for their help and their contribution to make this event so successful: Monique Magnon, Martine Gauthier, Eric Lozowy, Odette Cote, Michael Sendbuehler, Judy Macdonald and all the presenters. A special thank you to our MC: Sondos Zayed, who helped to make the ceremony flow so smoothly. We would also like to thank our two students from the Music Department, Caitlin Berger and Tabitha Jaramillo, who provided us with lovely musical entertainment during our refreshments. Thank you to Nadia Turbide of the Music Department for her excellent recommendation. Many thanks to Justin Deguire and David Scott for their assistance with our preparations. Particularly, we must extend our heartfelt congratulations to our wonderful students who make Vanier a place to be proud of. Their positive enthusiasm and fantastic energy throughout the evening definitely made it memorable.

If you have any tutoring programs, volunteers and/or award winners that you feel should be included for next year, please let us know so they can participate and make this event as comprehensive as possible.

Thank you,

Organizing Committee from Student Services,
Joshua Berman, Cari Clough, Joanne Ellis, Pamela Espinosa, Haritos Kavallos