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Soundings 2000

Read Soundings 2000

Editor: Saira Manjothi
Cover Illustration: Martin Pitt-Bradley
Jaime deSouza
Bits and Pieces
Laura Leboeuf
The Price of Perfection
“Gold’ Fish
Michelle Mathurin
The Pearl of the Islands
Noah Star
The Shadow’s End
Lunzaya Nlandu
The Sky is the Limit
Natalie Cole
New Country, New Life, Great Expectations
Erin Schwarts
Stepping Stones
Stacie Maier
The Rise and Fall of Goosey and Slim
Maria Constandinou
Alex Florez & Laurent Lecavalier
Kim Muncey
Linda Doan
A Dream Itself is but a Shadow
Osama Dorias
My Immigration Experience
Andrei Moskvitch
Extreme Chess
Johnathan Mina
Overcoming Depression
Sarah Rénazil
My Mother’s Struggle
Shimla Kabir
How I Lost My Hearing
Return to Bangladesh
Kelly Johnson
Science vs. Communications
Maha Naoum
To My Dad
Erwin Torio
My Most Embarrassing Experience
Jeremy Tremblay
Extreme Biking
Kathy Sin Man Chow
My Immigration Experience
Jenny Georgiopoulos
The Move
Denise Dawn Hubert
Happiness may not be a fish that you can catch, but it’s a choice you can make
Jennifer Coiteux-Valero
Forum for Young Canadians
Paul Yan Shum
hy Heart and Thy Mind in Chaos
Jenna Smith
The Influence of the Age of Enlightenment on Classical Music
Lisa Petawabano
Life in the Bush