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Soundings 1998

Read Soundings 1998

Editor: Saira Manjothi –Preface
Modestina D’Ambrosio
The Love that Started the World
Linda Gavino
The Visit
Glass Angel
Grace Fergusson
A Letter to Millicent
Elena Olekhnovitch
Summer Happiness
Amanda Green
Mark Stafinsky
First Love
Nadia Lockhart
Leaving Myself
Antonietta De Vellis
Deceiving Red Woman
Samantha Hill
Growing Up
Yen-Pin Oliver Chen
The Legend of Temujin
Maya Johnson
My Giant Steps
Thanh Son Nguyen
The Ice Storm
Mohamad Bakhach
Tania Barbu
My Immigration Experience
Vadim Finkel
Fairy Tale
Tracy Austin
True Patriot Love: Sports as an Emblem of Nationalism
Melissa Carter
My Love
Nina Altarac
Why is this Story Full of Books?
Amir Kafshdaran
Man on the Edge
Domenic Boni
Mai Badran
One Generation Back
Avi Braz
Fyodor Dostoyevsky: Exploring Interconnections Between Life and Work