Reduce, reuse, rethink, recycle!

Those words are in order of importance. First things first: recycling will not get us out of our impending and growing global mess! What we first need to do is reduce our consumption of energy, water, and materials. This can only be achieved if all levels of governance in our society act upon it and especially if, individually, we take account of our own consumerism and take account of impacts and effects in all of our decisions related to purchases, mobility and eating.

That being said, recycling has been around for a long time and if we can’t do that right, then what can we do right? Vanier’s rates of recuperation are very low! As a matter of fact, 4 times as much stuff goes to the landfill from Vanier as is recycled. 4 times! Do you, in your household, produce 4 times as much garbage as recycling? Of course not, so why can’t we do better here?

Here are a few things to consider which might get us to rapidly increase our level of recycling:

How can we do education so that people will take the trouble to go a step further to bring their recyclables all the way to the recycling bin?

How can we help people to better separate their waste material? At the present moment, a great deal of stuff is put in recycling that shouldn’t be and often entire bags of recycling have to be put towards garbage because they have been infected with one person’s messy garbage.

Here are some of the things Vanier has been working on or continues to work on :


Recycling has been going on since the 1980s in Québec, Vanier needs to rapidly get up to par on this issue, please let me know how we can improve our rates of recuperation.

Here are some of our favorite web sites where you can see some best practices in schools as well as information about environmental issues.

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