Did you know that staff and students coming to Vanier emit about 475 000 kgs. of CO2 every year to get to and from the College?

It takes about 50,000 trees to absorb this amount of temperature impacting greenhouse gas. We are also facing a parking lot crisis as we are surrounded by other institutions as well as important public transit routes. Getting to Vanier can be a complex task and this is why the institution is committed to improving the lives of commuters and cyclists.

Public Transit

Vanier has a partnership program to encourage its staff to use public transit : Opus & Cie.

This program allows registered Vanier employees to 2 free months of transit when they commit to buying a 12 month OPUS card. One month is sponsored by the Opus program and the second month is subsidized by Vanier and the STM.

Vanier employees can sign up at:



60% of the Vanier community lives within 10 kilometers of the school. This is a reasonable cycling distance for most people. Cycling daily is a great way to stay in shape, fabulously cheap and fun and allows you to reconnect with your community.

Vanier has installed conveniently located parkking racks near any  entrance at Vanier. There are also emergency supplies and a toolkit for minor repairs is available to the whole Vanier cycling community in the Sustainability Office, Student Services .

The College also participates in Mon Cegep à Vélo.

The Borough of St-Laurent has also installed a bicycle path along Ste-Croix which establishes a crucial link along the busy artery that prevents many of you from trying to cycle to work.

Follow-up documents from the Borough

Ride Sharing

Vanier College, along with Cegep St-Laurent, and the Borough of St-Laurent have partnered with Netlift, a multi-modal ride sharing application, in an effort to optimize employees’ mobility and promote sustainable transportation.

The Netlift application can be used online or on smartphones. It combines carpooling and public transportation to provide commuters a more efficient, stress-free, and environmentally sustainable commute.

Visit Netlift to find out more.

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