Welcome to Vanier College’s Sustainability Office. Vanier is committed to optimizing sustainability practices on campus to ensure social, economic and environmental responsibility.
Many of the sustainability and environment-oriented goals that Vanier has achieved in recent years are a result of many years of effort, starting in 2008 when Vanier first adopted an environmental policy promoting sustainability. Since then, Vanier has continued to make significant improvements to its policies, management and operations, which have tangibly decreased its impact on the environment. With the help of VCACE, Vanier College’s Advisory Committee on the Environment, the College has continued to grow and improve its commitment to the environment. VCACE has helped foster the development of the Sustainability Major and a complete overhaul of the College’s food services policies, which are arguably unparalleled in the Quebec cegep system.
The Vanier Sustainability Office is committed to working with the whole College community to build a socially and environmentally sustainable future and to provide individuals tools to build a more sustainable lifestyle.
Please contact our office if you have any questions about ways to be more involved in Sustainability at Vanier.

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