The Vanier Collective Gardens are open to all and volunteers always needed to sustain them!

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: The Vanier gardens are situated on unceded Kanien’kehá:ka (Mohawk) territory
which is also a traditional meeting place for many First Peoples.
RECONNAISSANCE: Les potagers de Vanier sont situés sur le territoire non-cédé du peuple Kanien’kehá:ka (Mohawk) qui est aussi un point de rencontre traditionel de plusieurs Premiers Peuples.

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Spring-Summer 2017 news – Infrastructure:

  • The main garden that used to be located in front of the A building from 2012 to 2016 has been moved to a new location along the path between the N building and the Old building. The college has invested in the construction of this “Open Garden” which comprises the garden shed, compost bins, a work-table, an outdoor sink and counter, a water outlet, 8 low planting boxes and one elevated planting box forwheelchairr access.
  • The K planter located behind the Old building has been redesigned as a Permaculture garden with a focus on Medicinal Herbs.
  • The vegetable “Plasticulture Garden” in front of the sports complex has been cultivated as in the past, with rows of plastic over the soil, and continues to be a highly successful and productive planter on campus.
  • The “Perennial planter” in front of the Sports Complex has undergone a weed removal process over the past year to eliminate bindweed and awaits to be replanted with a variety of perennials this Fall.
  • The wall-side edges all around the N building planters have continued to embellish the college grounds with an impressive diversity of plants.

    Overall, the college grounds are increasingly fostering biodiversity while providing an invaluable learning environment to the entire Vanier community.

Spring-Summer 2017 news – Coordination and Volunteers:

  • Myriam Mansour, Geography teacher, has received for the second year in a row official support from the college for the garden project “Vanier Collective Gardens as a Pedagogical Avenue”.
  • Janella Snagg-Romeo, a Health Science student, has been rehired as the Garden Coordinator for a second summer in a row. Janella is in charge of maintaining the gardens, assessing their needs and helping them “grow”, as well as managing the volunteers and being responsible for related paper work.
  • Shazia Ramnal, a Social Science student, has been hired as a part time Garden Intern to be trained by and assist the Garden Coordinators throughout the summer.
  • Many volunteers among Vanier students, staff and teachers have partaken in the growth and maintenance of the garden throughout the spring and summer.

     Thank you all for your precious contribution and dedication to the Vanier Gardens!

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Spring 2016 news:

  • Myriam Mansour, Geography teacher, has received the college’s support for the garden project entitled: Vanier Collective Gardens as a Pedagogical Avenue.
  • Janella Snagg-Romeo, a Health Science student, has been hired as the Garden Coordinator for the summer, thanks to a grant from Canada Summer Jobs 2016. Janella is in charges of maintaining the gardens, assess their needs and help them “grow”, of managing the volunteers and is responsible for related paper work.

Summer 2016 update:

  • The identification and labeling of edible plants around campus continue to expend
  • A new fence structure has been built in the Shed area to protect the “Veggie Garden” from rodents
  • We acquired 2 large pin boards from Student Services allowing for various information to be posted
  • Gardening sessions are being held several times a week and are announced via Mail Chimp and on facebook
  • Other special sessions such as “Salad” sessions (with freshly harvested herbs from the garden) and workshops (such as the composting) are held regularly

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