The Sustainability College Major is designed to allow students, whatever field of study they are in, to explore a wide spectrum of environmental, economic and social issues faced by the planet, locally or globally. Sustainability and Environmental studies are amongst the fastest growing university programs and work sectors and for good reasons, given the urgent need for sustainable solutions on every front of human interaction with the environment.

With this perspective in mind, the Sustainability Major’s aim is to promote students’ engagement who are called to become actors in the positive changes that need to be made. While studying in their respective program, students get exposed to issues of sustainability through a variety of related courses they take, events they attend and hands-on experiences they acquire.

The Sustainability Major

  • The Major is available to all students from the College.
  • Students apply to the Major during their first semester or early in their second semester.
  • Students registered in the Sustainability Major also have priority for the College-wide complementary course entitled “Sustainability in Action”.

What is Sustainability?

From the beginning, Sustainable Development (now most often referred to as Sustainability) is very clearly linked to environmental issues, economic and political stability, social justice as well as cultural rights, both locally and globally. The key is to “meet today’s development needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs” (Brundtland Commission Report 1982).

The environmental movement realized it could not solve problems without the collaboration of industry, government and broader society: change and environmental improvement need to happen with stakeholders interacting.

Acting sustainably is trying to protect our global and local environments. In the developed world, being sustainable will help give opportunities to future generations to continue living a healthy living. In the developing world, acting sustainably will ensure that future generations have a better standard of living than they do now.

”Sustainability is not exclusively or even primarily an environmental issue… It is fundamentally about how we choose to live our lives, with an awareness that everything we do has consequences for the seven billion of us here today as well as for the billions more who will follow, for centuries to come” Helen Clark, Administrator of the UN development program (UNDP).

Requirements & Courses

THE WORLD WE WANT: Co-produced by Vanier alumni Tristan Masson, the first recipient of the Sustainability Major certificate!

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