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Vanier College Students' Association/ L'Association des Étudiants du College Vanier


All currently registered full-time students, in a regular day-time program, all full-time students in Continuing Education and in AEC programs.


  • Officially represents the members
  • Promotes, supports and protects the status, interests and well being of members, usually material, cultural, educational, recreational and social nature issues but also any items or issues which affect members
  • Fosters understanding and fellowship among all sectors of the Vanier community


All members pay a mandatory VSCA Fee as part of their Semester Fees.


  • 9-member Executive Council, elected by members between April15 and May 1 each year. Office runs June 1 to May 31 of the following year.
  • 10 Student Representatives, elected by members on or immediately preceding September 30 of each year.
  • The Executive and the Representatives together form the 19 member Student Council.
  • 4 Standing Committees (Communication, Socio-Cultural Activities, Academic, and Club) plus other Committees and Sub-Committees as required.


  • Executive Council: At least twice per month.
  • Student Council: At least twice per month, One of which is an open meeting: any member of the VCSA may attend.
  • Semester General Assembly: One per semester (between December 1 and 15; May 1 and 15). Any member of the VCSA may attend.
  • Special General Assembly: On occasion. Any member of the VCSA may attend.