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Frequently Asked Questions

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Can Vanier College help me find an apartment?

Where can I get a copy of the Student Agenda?

Do I need a Vanier Identification Card (I.D.) ?

Where can I get my Vanier Identification Card (I.D) or replace my lost card?

Does Vanier have an information bulletin?

Whom should I see about student loans / financial aid?

How can I arrange to meet with a counsellor?

How can I arrange to meet with an academic advisor?

How can I arrange to see the nurse?

What can I do in case of an emergency or accident on campus?

Who can I speak with about complaints or concerns that I may have?

Where can I go if I am interested in becoming a volunteer?

How can I get permission to post notices on bulletin boards?

Where can I get information on starting or joining a student club?

How can I join an intramural athletics team?

Does Vanier College have a lost and found?

Where can I make photocopies?

Where can I type a term paper or assignment?

Where can I access the internet?

How can I find out if my class has been cancelled?

How can I find my teacher's office, telephone number or email address?

Where can I go if I'm lost or need information that I haven't found on this page?

How can I get a reduced fare OPUS Card?

Do I need a locker?

What are the procedures for organizing a fundraiser?