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Counselling Centre
> Counselling Centre (Location: C203)

The Counselling Centre is part of the Student Services Department.

Personal problems often seriously undermine academic success. To the extent that these problems are addressed, performance will surely improve. Counselling can help students better cope with stress and depression as well as acquire more effective problem-solving, decision-making, communication and interpersonal skills. The Counselling Centre's mental health professionals have the training and expertise required to work effectively with students experiencing these kinds of problems. Student Services (C203) is home to a group of five dedicated counsellors who are available for personal, education, and career counselling for all Vanier College students. Should you have any difficulties you wish to discuss, you are encouraged to seek out this confidential relationship in a one-time or ongoing capacity. Vocational testing is available for students and can be used as a valuable component of the counselling process. Counselling services are professional, completely confidential and free.