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    Vanier College is pleased to announce that it will be hosting the first Intercollegiate Slam Poetry Competition on April 27th 2017. The event will feature participants from all five Anglophone cegeps, Marianopolis, Dawson, John Abbott, Champlain and Vanier.

    Each cegep will hold their own preliminary spoken word/slam poetry competition with the top three competitors from each college moving on to the finals, which will be held at Vanier College on April 27th 2017.

    Vanier’s preliminary competition entitled Speak Up Vanier 2017 will be held in the Auditorium on March 30th starting at 7 p.m. and is open to all Vanier students.

    The deadline for confirming your participation in the Speak Up Vanier 2017 event is Friday March 24th 2017 at midnight. Any Vanier student that wishes to enter the competition must send their name, student I.D. number along with a brief two-sentence description of the topic they will address to the following e-mail address:

    For more information you can also e-mail Nayem at:

    For the full news release visit

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