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Student Research Centre

Visit at Concordia University

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“It was our pleasure to see you, your colleague and students around. It was indeed very refreshing to see young students so interested in science and further studies”

Truong Vo-Van, Ph.D.
Professor and Chair
Department of Physics
Concordia University

“If I was to describe the overall feeling of a such tour at Concordia’s research facilities, the word best fit is: Enlightment. The part of the tour that reassured me about my choice of the field of study was the synchronism of all the teachers. They managed to cross barriers and to mix physics, biology and chemistry concepts into one project and develop a mutual understanding of nature. There was one project I stumbled upon which was described as a Biomedical Physics research according to the teacher. In his laboratory, the teacher in question was trying to understand rigorously the mechanism of aerobic respiration. The end goal of the project consists of mimicking nature in order to produce clean, renewable and sustainable energy; which is the reason why I would like to participate in this project. Energy can come from different sources; one can argue that the mechanism with the most efficient methods of harnessing this energy is configured by nature. Our planet needs our help, the more people involved in this project, the better our future will look”. (Christapor Torossian)

“I found the visit to be very informative and detailed on what type of research can be done later on. It was a real opener to me on the different sets of possibilities and careers in science that are usually not discussed much when universities come here. Also, if I were given an opportunity to work or have a research stage with them, I would be more oriented to work in something physics related”. (Ghassan Maraouch).

“Without a doubt, I very much enjoyed the excellent experience I had while visiting Concordia with the Vanier Student Research Center. I was able to explore an astounding variety of different research laboratories as well as learn about the efforts of the various researchers there. What truly impressed me was the dedication and passion that these men and women had for their work; it was clear that, through their interest and perseverance, they will accomplish great things. While all of the research rooms were extremely interesting, I myself found the interdisciplinary biophysics research laboratory the most fascinating. In it, they were performing intricate research on photosynthetic bacteria in order to possibly develop a new, cleaner energy source in the future based off of the process that autotrophs use to survive. I would definitely be interested in working with this group, if opportunity appears, as biology in particular interests me, and the collaboration between it and physics is certainly something I’d love to explore more in-depth”. (Michale Pratte)

« I really appreciated the Concordia visit last friday, it was quite inspiring to see teachers being so passionate about their work as well as graduate students. One of the teachers seemed to me surprisingly young, which is also extremely motivating! Quantum mechanics is a topic of great interest for me and much of what was discussed suited those interests! I also found it fabulous to see that one of the research labs was pretty much devoted to sustainability and the determination of a clean renewable energy source. If i were to be accepted to have to work within those labs I’d definitely be stuck in between dealing with the quantum world and using laser technology to explore photosynthesis. Thank you for the visit, it was much appreciated! ». (Jessica Bao)