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Student Research Centre

Research Groups: 2014-2015

Projects available for the 2014-2015 Academic year:

  • Biomechanics (1): Using Biomechanics to study the natural and biological limits of athletes in different sports; “How high or far can an athlete jump” or “How fast can an athlete run” or “How fast and strong can a boxer hit” without self damaging internal organs, joints, bones and muscles?
  • Biomechanics (2): Design and creation of a robot/prosthesis arm using a 3D printer.
    • Students involved: Maged Yassin (McGill), Chris Martine Belhomme, Mathieu Corbet, Annika Lesage, Elizabeth Siciliani, Veselko Bakula, Osama Rehman, GabrielAlexander, Christine Uong, Agudelo Gomez Luisa Carolina, Arévalo-Rojas Yamari, Boyle Ariel, Derlukiewicz Daniella, Chekkal Nabila, Calin Mihai Zainea, Ian Benlolo, Amira Benzina, Sara Hany Hamed Riad
    • Proposal accepted for the Vanier Science and Technology Fair 2015: biomechanics_proposal_final
  • Studying the physical and chemical properties of the human skin using non invasive Fluorescence methods; What are the short and long time effects of certain cosmetic creams on the human skin?
    • Students involved: Mikey Pratte, Davindra Singh, Maricel Dizon Soriano
  • Studying plants photosynthesis using Fluorescence Spectroscopy; Fluorescence signals emitted by plants leaves can replace in certain conditions long biological and chemical analysis of Photosynthesis parameters.
    • Students involved: Mikey Pratte, Davindra Singh, Maricel Dizon Soriano, Qinyang Du, Jia Nan Yu,Yi Zhi Zhang.
Davindra Singh Andrei Purcarus Craciun
Davindra Singh
Davindra Singh
Andrei Purcarus Craciun
Andrei Purcarus Craciun
Click here for the full article of their findings in S-2014.

Proposal accepted for the Vanier Science and Technology Fair 2015: Florescence_Sc_Fair_Propos

  • Measuring and Monitoring Energy Consumption at different locations at Vanier: The creation of a low-wind speed wind generator.
    • Students involved: Christapor Torossian, Jason Eddrief


Click here to see their initial findings

Proposal accepted for the Vanier Science and Technology Fair 2015: Wind_Proposal

  • Water quality research. Physical, biological and chemical analysis. Vanier Tap and drinking water is under testing for turbidity, conductivity, metals (Iron, Led), Amonia, bacteria (e-coli), parasites (Giardia, Cryptosporidium), etc.
      • Students involved: Frédéric Abou Azar, Ghassan Maraouch, Eric Zimmermann, Nasseri Sabour


  • Continuous update of lectures, labs instructions and other materials of physics teaching. The participating students will:
    – identify the parts of lectures and lab instructions which are not clearly written and will collaborate with the instructor to provide the best formulation for them.
    – format the materials to present them in a nicer visual form
    – use MatLab or other software to provide high quality graphs and simulations
    – write full and clear solution for examples selected by the teacher
    – suggest interesting problems or simulations that can be attached to course materials
    – participate in the set up of experiments that may become new labs
    Supervisor for this project: Kreshnik Angoni (Physics Department)
    • Students involved: Atteeque Siddique
  • Mechanics of a Space Elevator: Study a futuristic method of space travel and propose solutions to the various mechanical challenges that face its implementation and operation.  Dynamic analyses will involve classical mechanics approaches and numerical analysis using Matlab software.  This project includes but is not limited to the following areas of study – dynamics, solid mechanics, orbital mechanics.  The student will be able to choose what facet of the project to focus on. The actual students are creating a simulation software for the design and operation of a space elevator.
    •  Supervisor for this project: Stephen Cohen (Physics Department)
    • Students involved: Ivan Miloslavov and Andrei Guevorkian
  • Creation and development of Signal Processing, Data Acquisition Systems and Process Control Instrumentation to be used for Fluorescence studies and Green Energy production
    • Supervisor for this project:, Allan Insleay (Industrial Electronics Department)
    • Students involved: Jason Eddrief, Maricel Dizon Soriano, Mathieu Corbett

  • Measurements on acoustics and noise in different classrooms, offices and other populated areas at Vanier. Different classes are to be tested for acoustics properties and noise. Other populated and traveled locations, like Jake’s mall, will be tested for the high level of noise and the effects on student learning abilities. Analysis of materials and measurements of mechanical properties and thermal resistance of walls and doors at Vanier.
    • Students involved: Alex Insleay (Architec).
  • Euxinus Project: Creation of an artificial and ecological island in the Black See Europe.
    • Romanian delegation from CNMB Constanta at Vanier im March 2015