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Student Research Centre

About the Research Centre

  • The creation of the centre took place during the Fall semester 2013 and was based on the model of the Students Research Center of the National College “Mircea the Elder”, Constanta Romania, which is very successful with their student led projects and has won many international awards including NASA contests. The Romanian college is actually an official partner of Vanier College and Chess, Math and Science competitions are going on between the two institutions.
  • Physics Professor Gabriel Bulgarea initially founded the Centre and developed much of it’s original framework.

  • The students registered at VSRC (Vanier Science Research Centre) have the freedom to choose their projects, objectives and methods of studies from a large variety available and feasible in our Science Labs and our partner institutions facilities.
  • The students are not registered in a specific class so they are not officially students of the teacher(s) who coordinate the Center. In this concern they can change their choice of Research area or withdraw from the Center without any obligation or penalty.
  • The coordination is strictly local; there are no connections to local industries or research projects led by teachers.
  • There is no course credit reward attached to this. Students who dedicate 60+  hours to their project are likely eligible for the STAR program which officially recognizes volunteer work.
  • The learning process is part of active learning in the sense that the students are constructing themselves the path and means of achieving their learning goals.
  • The students are selected according to a rigorous selection procedure and they have to prove their interests in Science, Technology and Research in general and must also be in good academic standing. This is not restricted to Honours Science students. Students from other programs and faculties are encouraged to apply. We have actually a strong collaboration with the Industrial Electronics Department and their students are working with the pre-university students on common projects. We are also accepting 1st year students as research assistants for collecting and organizing data, etc. since they can get some experience then work within the Center for a longer period.
  • Students publish regularly their results in the Vanier Intercom and on the VSRC website. At the end of semester they will be able to write their results in a scientific format article and eventually publish their findings in a local or national magazine like Canadian Young Scientist Journal. They also have the opportunity and are encouraged to participate in the Vanier Science and Technology Fair that takes place annually.
  • Most of the projects are interdisciplinary and students from Career/Technology programs are invited to take part in these research projects.
  • Since there is an international collaboration with CNMB in Romania, we hope that our students can form a joint team with their Romanian partners to share common projects and go to international competitions together.
  • As of Fall 2015, the Student Research Centre will be re-defining some of it’s framework and will more closely integrate with the Vanier Science and Technology Fair as well as the  Sanofi BioGENIUS Competition.
  • For more information please contact Haritos Kavallos, Mathematics & Science Centre Coordinator, at msc@vaniercollege.qc.ca, or visit him in person in F-540A.