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Strategic Plan 2015 – 2020

Learning today. Leading tomorrow.

Strategic Plan 2015 – 2020

Planning Process

Vanier College Strategic Plan 2015-2020:
Resume of the Process

Work on the new strategic plan began in earnest in May 2104 when the Director General established a Steering Committee to oversee the planning process. Members of this Committee—the Director General, the Academic Dean, a consultant with expertise in strategic planning and a veteran Vanier teacher in the role of Process Coordinator—approved a proposal which identified key steps and dates for the creation of Vanier College Strategic Plan 2015-2020. This included three major rounds of consultations within the Vanier community as well as consultations with partners in the larger community of Ville St. Laurent.

From June to August, a draft of the Context and Challenges section was researched and written, and preliminary Orientations and Objectives were articulated. Also during this time, a number of consultation tools were constructed.

In the first major round of consultations, a working document was presented to the Management Executive Committee, the Management Advisory Committee, the union executives of Professionals, Support Staff and Teachers as well as Academic Council and the Board of Directors. A focus group with Student Association representatives was conducted as were interviews with selected partners in the larger Ville St. Laurent community. Based on these consultations, the Mission, Values and Vision statements were revised, the Context and Challenges section was restructured, and the Orientations and Objectives were refined.

The working document was now ready for community-wide consultation. This was launched by the Director General at the Joint Coordinators meeting of October 29, 2014. This body of representatives from all departments, programs and services was asked to bring the consultation document to their respective employee groups for discussion, comments and suggestions for action priorities. They responded with zeal: over 500 employees were involved in producing 40 reports.

The abundant consultation data was collated, distilled and synthesized with the able assistance of a Vanier support staff. A revised working document was then presented in the third round of consultations to the two management committees, all the representative bodies cited above—including students, Academic Council and the Board of Directors. Once these additional consultation data were integrated into the working document, the Management Executive Committee was asked to provide quantifiable/observable targets to the “Expected Results” section. This was completed at the end of May, 2015.

On June 8, 2015, Academic Council moved to recommend the Vanier College Strategic Plan 2015-2020 to the Board of Directors. On June 16, 2015, the Board of Directors approved the Plan.

The wide-spread participation of the Vanier community in the creation of Strategic Plan 2015-2020 is testament to the dedication and pride that students and employees feel for Vanier College. It is also evidence of our commitment to work together to achieve our collective vision.

*The Director General wishes to thank Michel Lesage of Lesage Conseils; Shirley Pettifer, Process Coordinator; and Jesse Toufexis, Assistant to the Strategic Plan for their outstanding work.