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Strategic Plan 2015 – 2020

Learning today. Leading tomorrow.

Strategic Plan 2015 – 2020


Our Mission

To provide a life-enriching learning experience that prepares students to succeed academically and professionally as engaged citizens of the world.

Our Values

As a college, we value education as a transformative process through which students engage in achieving their potential. As such, we believe in and cultivate:

  • Creativity, critical thinking and excellence 
  • Accessibility, inclusiveness and diversity 
  • Lifelong learning and continuous improvement for all 
  • Commitment, community engagement and openness to the world

We value collaborative approaches. As such, we believe in and strive for:

  • Respect, integrity and responsibility toward self, others and the environment 
  • Cooperation, communication, transparency and accountability 
  • Fairness and equity

Our Vision

Vanier College will be renowned and chosen for excellence, accessibility and inclusivity in education, achieved through innovative and effective practices, student engagement and a creative, committed college community.