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S.T.A.R. Program

Student Transcript Activity Record

S.T.A.R. Program

How Do I Apply?


NEXT STAR APPLICATION DEADLINE: 17 May 2018 (last day of classes of the winter semester)

When you have completed all of your 60+ hours of volunteer work, you will need to print and fill out the application form, and return it by email or in person to Kristen Whitelaw in the Vanier Student Life area (B205) or at Student Services (C-203) by the last day of classes of the semester.

Make sure that you complete and sign all sections and questions on the form, or your form will not be considered complete.  There is also a section that your volunteer coordinator is required to complete, so that we know how many volunteer hours you have done.  If you have volunteered at more than one place for your 60 hours, then you need to print this section as many times as necessary and have it completed by each volunteer coordinator where you have contributed volunteer hours.

Once completed, Student Services will be in contact with you soon to inform you if will receive a S.T.A.R. recognition on your Vanier College transcript.  The Registrar will then place the official recognition on your transcript.

For any questions, drop by to see Kristen Whitelaw in B205.

Thank you for your interest in being a community S.T.A.R!