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Language School514.744.7897
Diamantakos, TommydiamanttManager, Language SchoolE116514.744.7500 x 7542
Ferenczi, Natasha KimferencznLanguage SchoolK312On Leave
Guica, GeorgianaguicagLanguage SchoolF217514.744.7500 x 7999
Language School, languageschoolLanguage SchoolE115514.744.7500 x 7897
Lukasik, KatherinelukasikkLanguage SchoolE115514.744.7500 x 7834
Somaio, AlansomaioaLanguage SchoolE115514.744.7500 x 7834
Adami, CristinaadamicLanguages and CulturesC404514.744.7500 x 7431
Baez Duran, MiguelbaezdurmLanguages and CulturesC417On Leave
Henderson, KeithhenderskLanguages and CulturesD545BOn Leave
Izaguirre, MonicaizaguirmLanguages and CulturesC417514.744.7500 x 7725
Migdissova, SvetlanamigdisssLanguages and CulturesC404On Leave
Peters, Julian MarcopetersjLanguages and CulturesC417On Leave
Picciano, GiovannapicciangLanguages and CulturesC417On Leave
Putalivo, PatriziaputalivpLanguages and CulturesC404514.744.7500 x 7632
Snelgrove, AllisonsnelgroaLanguages and CulturesC417On Leave
Espinosa, PamelaespinospLearning CommonsE300514.744.7500 x 7396
Kavallos, HaritoskavallohLearning CommonsE312514.744.7500 x 7501
McKay, Emily MaymckayeLearning CommonsF311514.744.7500 x 7530
Ouimet, VickyouimetvLearning CommonsF300514.744.7500 x 7530
Yip, SuliayipsLearning CommonsF300514.744.7500 x 7530
Berman, JoshuabermanjLearning Commons - (TASC)E306514.744.7500 x 7643
Clough, CaricloughcLearning Commons - (TASC)E308514.744.7500 x 7568
Muncey, KimmunceykLearning Commons - (TASC)E310514.744.7500 x 7564
Zafiri, OuraniazafirioLearning Commons - (TASC)E304514.744.7500 x 8211
Rankin, Ashley ElainerankinaLearning Commons - STEM CentreE302514.744.7500 x 7479
Lester B. Pearson Group514.744.7500 x 7532
Liberal Arts514.744.7500 x 6036
Liberal Arts liberalartsLiberal Arts514.744.7500 x 6036
Petrovic, LilipetrovilLiberal ArtsD524514.744.7500 x 7703
Liberal Arts Resource Room514.744.7500 x 7152
Library514.744.7500 x 7540
Fax: 514.744.7545
Arabian, NinaarabiannLibraryF309514.744.7500 x 7544
Bissonnette, SusanbissonnsLibraryF309514.744.7500 x 8222
Blick, DeirdreblickdLibraryF313514.744.7500 x 7493
Forcade, SelinaforcadesLibraryF311514.744.7500 x 8207
Gauthier, JoëlgauthiejLibraryF309514.744.7500 x 7693
Gibson, JeangibsonjLibraryF403514.744.7500 x 7452
Leung, MichaelleungmLibraryF403514.744.7500 x 7494
Library, Circulation DeskLibrary514.744.7500 x 7539
Price, BrendapricebLibraryF300514.744.7500 x 7493
Unger, MichaelungermLibraryF313514.744.7500 x 7146

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