Saputo bursary and Quebec Foundation for Athletic Excellence

Photographer’s name : Normand Huberdeau/Groupe NH Photographes Picture’s vignette : Anyssa Ibrahim received her bursary fron the hands of Sandy Vassiadis, Vice-President, Corporate Communications for Saputo




Anyssa Ibrahim / Soccer

Montréal (Ahunstic – Cartierville)

Soutien à la réussite académique et sportive                                                                         

  • Membre de l’équipe canadienne U-17 ayant participé à la Coupe du monde 2016 en Jordanie
  • A participé au Championnat CONCACAF avec l’équipe canadienne U-20
  • Étudie en sciences humaines au Collège Vanier
  • Anyssa est une joueuse rapide et agile avec le ballon. Elle cherche à développer sa stratégie d’attaque. Parmi ses objectifs à court terme, elle envisage une participation à la prochaine Coupe du monde U-20. Une fois sa carrière de soccer terminée, Anyssa compte bien devenir agente de probation.


Saputo and the Quebec Foundation for Athletic Excellence announce the recipients of the 17th edition of their bursary program


Montreal, October 18th, 2016 – The Quebec Foundation for Athletic Excellence (FAEQ) announced today the 45 recipients of the 17th edition of the Saputo Bursary Program, who will share a total of $133,000 in individual bursaries.


Four types of bursaries were granted this year:

  • 20 Academic Excellence Bursaries, to recognize outstanding academic achievements;
  • 23 Academic and Athletic Support Bursaries, to encourage healthy sport/study balance;
  • One Perseverance Bursary, to recognize atypical journeys and the determination to overcome obstacles;
  • One Leadership Bursary, to reward athletic and academic achievements, coupled with particularly significant and inspiring community involvement.


Seven past and current recipients of the Saputo bursary program made their mark at the Rio Olympic and Paralympic Games, including two-time bronze medallist Meaghan Benfeito and Philippe Gagné in diving, Dorothy Yeats in Olympic wrestling, and Paralympic medallist Alexandre Dupont in athletics.


Saputo is proud to encourage the development of established and promising student-athletes. These young athletes are the role models representing our society both locally and internationally, and greatly deserve to be supported on their quest for excellence. Saputo believes in the importance of staying active, making healthy life choices, and striving to surpass oneself.


FAEQ President Mr. Claude Chagnon thanked Saputo for their support over the past seventeen years, and highlighted their loyalty and generosity towards the Foundation. “Saputo has long understood the importance of not only supporting student-athletes who have already succeeded internationally, but also those aspiring athletes who are lesser-known and funded. Support from Saputo and the Foundation enables these young athletes to fulfil their athletic dreams while ensuring their academic success. Now more than ever, Saputo and the Foundation are united to support the academic, athletic, and personal achievement of Quebec’s student-athletes,” concluded Mr. Chagnon.

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