Monday, October 17, 2011 to Friday, October 21, 2011

Theme: ‘Tech Cultures, Tech Selves’

Technology is a lot more than the mere gadgets we use to get things done in our lives. From the perspective of the social sciences, technology encompasses the gadgets themselves, the specialized knowledge and tools used to develop new ones, the types of social relationships and societal conditions that surround and facilitate their creation, as well as the ways that societal conditions and social relationships are altered when new gadgets are widely adopted and put to use. Technology is, thus, a core component of human social experience, an expression and shaper of human communities and cultures, and is a tremendous force in the life chances and development of individual human selves. In this year’s Social Science Festival, Vanier College teachers, guests, and students will explore multiple ways that technologies shape and influence human cultures and individual selves. We will also discover how knowledge creation in the social sciences can help us to understand the nature and depth of the possibilities and risks arising out of the relationships we have with the gadgets we use in our everyday lives.


Putting together the Social Science Festival for this year has been a labour of love. The details are numerous but the ability to work through each and every one of them has been greatly enhanced by the tremendous enthusiasm and effort put forth by members of the Vanier community and by the festival’s invited external guest speakers and session facilitators. The results of their hard work will be experienced by all of us at the college during the week of October 17-21. I would like to take this opportunity to thank each individual listed below. Without your contributions, Tech Cultures, Tech Selves would not have been possible.

List of Acknowledgements

Marc Belanger, Ruth Belfer, Baba Brinkman, Sam Brouillette, Carl Beaulieu, Stephen Brunt, Heldden Byumvuhore, Kate Cairns, Natalie Carlino, Bev Chandler, Marguerite, Corriveau, Odette Côté, Sarah Coughlin, Sheila Das, Justin Deguire, Mike Demole, Miles DeNora, Montana Diabo, Richard Dugas, Sarah Dupont, Peter Gantous, Mark Gibbon, Jonathan Goldman, Sophia Grabowiecka, Danielle Gratton, Sherry Hergott, Maureen Jones, Jennifer Joseph, Lyne Marie Larocque, Arianne Legér, Nathan Loewen, Wesley Donaldson Mackie, Cassandra Mallozzi, Jamie Millroy, Myriam Mansour, Jim Najarian, Peter Nikolantonakis, Zsofia Orszagh, Bill Perkins, Alena Perout, Loris Peternelli, Shirley Pettifer, Mark Prentice, Paula Price, Kelly Purdy, David Scott, Matthieu Sossoyan, Nora Soukiassian, David Spadotto, Steven Spadotto, Eli Spiegelman, Kay Spooner, Ben Starr, Karen Tee, Florence Tiffou, Jennifer Trudeau-Malo, Bob W. White, Jacky Vallée, Lori Vinebaum, Nancy Wargny, David Winkel, Arlene Yamamoto, Rick Yuen

Avi Goldberg
Organizer of the Social Science Festival 2011

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