2018 Social Science Festival

Vanier Social Science Festival – October 15 -19, 2018

Social Science 2.0

Humans innovate. It’s what we do. This raises an important question – as societies grow and change, how do humans adapt? What have people done in the past? What will they do in the future? This year’s Social Science Festival explores innovation and change in its various iterations. Our roster of events gives participants the opportunity to learn about the many ways that innovation manifests itself. In a rapidly changing world, it provides the opportunity to delve into the theoretical and practical concepts that are studied in social science but also affect everyone, in their daily lives.

All events are free of charge and open to the Vanier community and to the public. No registration is required for talks in the auditorium; however, registration is required for the workshops. Teachers wishing to bring their classes to any event should contact Kelly MacDonald, event organizer, at macdonak@vaniercollege.qc.ca or at 514-744-7500 x 7789.

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