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Construction projects for summer and fall 2012

Here is some information in regards to the upcoming construction projects that will take place near the College in summer and fall 2012.

Construction for summer 2012:

Starting on the 14th of May, the second phase of the construction project will take place on Ste-Croix between de l’Église and Du Collège, including the Ste-Croix/De l’Église intersection. All traffic will be rerouted to adjacent streets, and the city is still deciding the best paths to be taken by vehicles. Contrary to the last phase of the project, this will be a complete closure of Ste-Croix in both directions. The ongoing citywide construction project  aims to replace the aging aqueducts, sewer lines and add a bicycle lane.  This phase of the construction project should be completed around the 15th of August.

Starting on the 6th of June and for a period of about 6 weeks, Hydro-Quebec will be undertaking repairs and upgrades of their system on the corner of Ste-Croix and Decelles. For the duration of the project, there will be partial closure of Decelles and Ste-Croix in all directions.

Also during this summer, Basile-Moreau will be partially closed to allow the construction of a sidewalk on the east side of the road between Côte-Vertu and the P7 entrance. No dates have been confirmed for this project yet, the community will be informed once the information is known.

Construction for fall 2012:

Starting around the 15th of August, the third phase of the construction project will take place on Ste-Croix between Decelles and de l’Église. This will also be a complete closure of Ste-Croix in both directions. Contrary to the last phases, the main entrance (821 Ste-Croix) will be closed for a period of time and all traffic will have to come through the Basile-Moreau entrance. As soon as more information is available it will be communicated to the community.

Starting around the 15th of October, the City will be finishing the construction project on Ste-Croix by installing a permanent asphalt surface from Côte-Vertu to Du Collège. Partial closure of Ste-Croix at times is to be expected, more information to come.

All construction news and updates for the projects will be posted on the Vanier College Security Services website under the category “Construction 2012”