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Safety & Security Services

Parking Safety Tips

With classes and activities, cars come and go at all time of day and the parking lot fills quickly which could attract opportunistic criminals in search of property to steal. Here are some helpful safety tips that may reduce your risk of becoming a victim in any parking lot:

Property Safety:

  1. Always lock your car doors
  2. Do not leave valuables in view inside the car. This includes accessories such as GPS brackets or m0bile phone brackets which may hint of the presence of valuables. Always put valuables such as laptops, personal bags, purses or money where they cannot be seen and make sure that they do not have your name or address on them. Never leave a credit card in your vehicle.
  3. Do not store extra keys on the vehicles (such as under the fender, gas door, etc.)
  4. Use a visible anti-theft device such as a steering wheel lock.
  5. Choose your parking spot carefully. Always attempt to park in a well lit area that is the closest to your destination.
  6. When parking, back your vehicle into the parking stall. This increases your visibility of your surroundings and and will allow you to drive away quickly if you are followed by a stranger.

Personal Safety

  1. Be aware of your surroundings.
  2. Avoid walking alone at night. If you feel unsafe, try to walk to your car with a friend. If nobody can walk with you, don’t hesitate to call Security Services (514-744-7575) for a safety escort to your vehicle.
  3. Have your keys ready before reaching your vehicle. This will allow you to get inside the vehicle much faster without having to search through your bag for keys while standing next to your vehicle.
  4. Attempt to look into the car through the windows to ensure that no one is already inside.
  5. Attempt to park in a well lighted area.
  6. If, on the way to your car, you see that another vehicle has been broken into, call Security Services immediately and remain in a safe location until an agent arrives.
  7. Report intruders or suspicious persons to Security Services.
  8. You can also report the following to Security Services : Abandoned vehicles or excess trash; broken or burned out lights; broken doors, windows or locks; and missing or damaged signs.