In order to graduate with a DCS in Respiratory & Anaesthesia Technology, students must have completed the following :

  • Passed all program courses – these include everything on the grid including all general education courses
  • Passed the English Exit Exam
  • Passed the Comprehensive Assessment (Épreuve synthèse de programme)

Comprehensive Assessment / Exit Examination

At the successful culmination of six semesters of study the student will be expected to pass a written comprehensive exit examination (Épreuve Synthèse) which evaluates the student’s proficiency in all the professional, science and general courses of study which the student has studied over 3 years in the program.

Following successful completion of this final examination the student will be issued a DCS in the program and will be able to apply for a permit from the Ordre Professionel des Inhalotherapeutes to work as a respiratory therapist. This permit allows the Respiratory therapist the portability to work anywhere in Canada.

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