What can I do after I graduate with a DCS in Respiratory and Anaesthesia Technology?

According to the Ordre des inhalothérapeutes du Québec most graduates work as respiratory therapists in acute care facilities, many are employed as anaesthesia assistants and the remainder work in other areas such as community health care facilities, home health agencies, and specialized and private care clinics. Some may also work in the air ambulance industry that offers international opportunities for travel and work. The career path may also lead to sales of medical equipment, management and positions as respiratory and anaesthesia teachers in Cegeps and community colleges.  DCS graduates enjoy a good labour market situation and job prospects in this occupation are good.

Student Employment Jobs

Jobs from the Vanier College Employment Development Office.

Job TitlePosted
Emploi 21h à 35h par semaine- inhlaothérapie- via agence SERESPROOct 15, 2018

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