Jennifer Piette is a two-time graduate of Vanier College, having first completed a DEC in Health Sciences to be followed by a DEC in Respiratory and Anesthesia Technology while working towards a Bachelor’s of Science in between. It definitely was the Respiratory & Anesthesia Technology Program that changed the course of her life and provided her with a career that has given true fulfillment. She began her career at the McGill University Health Center, Montreal Children’s Hospital 20 years ago and continues to maintain her skills as an RT within the clinical setting. She is 100 % committed to the field of Respiratory and Anesthesia Therapy and has utilised her passion to obtain knowledge in a variety of disciplines. She has worked in Asthma research as well as providing clinical specialist in-service training on medical devices. She was a member on the ECMO team for 10 years, senior member of the Neonatal Transport Team for 17 years and has also been active in medical air-evacuations.

Having taught within the clinical milieu for close to 8 years, she has transitioned to the classroom where she currently teaches within a highly dedicated and talented faculty.

The clinical setting will always be a place you can find a high stress environment that requires quick thinking and critical care skills yet the results are lifesaving and very rewarding. This is where she draws her passion from. Through her vast experience within the Neonatal and Pediatric Intensive Care Units, she brings her abilities to the classroom, along with an extensive knowledge base, which enables her to inspire the next generation of promising Respiratory Therapists.

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