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Respect Works

About Harrassment

Harassment Is :

  • Unwelcome remarks, teasing or jokes about a person’s body, clothing, race, national or ethnic origin, color, religion, age, sex, marital status, family status, physical or mental disability, sexual orientation, pardoned conviction, or other personal characteristics that are racially derogatory or that depict members of a racial group in a stereotypical and demeaning manner.
  • Unwelcome sexual remarks, invitations or requests (including persistent and unwanted contact after the end of a relationship).
  • Repeated goading and sarcastic remarks, speaking loudly in a threatening, intimidating tone or other behaviour that ought reasonably to be known as unwelcome by the recipient and which serve no legitimate work related purpose.
  • Unwelcome physical contact, such as touching, hugging, kissing.
  • Personal comments or questions about one’s sex life.
  • Repeated requests for dates, unwanted attention in the form of letters, phone calls, e-mail or gifts.
  • Gender based insults, sexist or homophobic remarks.

Harassment Is Not :

  • Discussion and debate of controversial issues in an academic environment including topics that may be offensive to some individuals.
  • A hug between friends.
  • Mutual flirtation or a consensual relationship between two people who are attracted to each other (We should be aware that in certain situations, for example in the case of relationships between a supervisor and a subordinate or between faculty and students, there is a power imbalance. In particular, where the supervisor or faculty member has a professional responsibility over the staff member or student, a sexual relationship could be considered as sexual harassment.)
  • Appropriate use of managerial authority carried out in good faith, to direct, delegate or impose disciplinary measures which serve a legitimate work-related purpose.