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Respect Works

Vanier College is committed to providing a respectful, safe and inclusive environment, free from discrimination, harassment and violence.

The College recognizes that discrimination and harassment are illegal under the prohibited grounds in the Quebec Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms and the Quebec Labour Standards Act. The College considers any form of harassment or discrimination of any member of the College community to be a serious violation of that individual’s fundamental rights. Violation of an individual’s rights is a serious offence, which may be subject to a range of disciplinary measures, including dismissal or expulsion.

To prevent and put a stop to discrimination and harassment at Vanier College, the Harassment and Discrimination, Prevention and Resolution Policy and Procedures, have been established to raise awareness, and to ensure a fair process for dealing with incidents of discrimination and harassment.

To aid in achieving the goal of a learning and working environment free from discrimination and harassment, Vanier has a Respectful Learning and Workplace Environment Office that coordinates educational activities and is responsible for the implementation of this policy and procedures.

It’s not complicated. Treat people around you the way you expect to be treated.